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H & M Launched A Series of Female Sports

The trend of the movement of fashion flies, is spreading to more and more fashion brands. Recently, the Swedish fashion retail giant H & M and British lifestyle retailer Joules have launched a new series of women's sports.


H & M


H & M launched the latest women's clothing line is part of its Conscious line, but also the first women's campaign for environmental Zaful Support Center sports. The company said the new collection combines fashion design with high functionality to create new sportswear with sustainable materials.


Inspired by "nature and sporting women," the new range is built for prolonged exercise and includes tights, sports bras, hoodies and tops for training, running and yoga.



Through the green, black and beige printing, emphasizing the nature and sustainability, while all products are the main materials are recycled polyester and elastic fibers.


Functional details include quick-drying and seamless moisture absorption, as well as built-in support and vents, designed with cross straps and trim. According to Petra Smeds, chief designer of H & M sportswear, the new series uses a new weaving process that reduces yarn usage and thus reduces fabric waste.


The series has been launched at designated stores around the world late last week and will be available at H & M's online store on Thursday. Last December, H & M Group announced that it will launch an Internet brand called Nyden for Millennium customers in early 2018.




Joule, the UK lifestyle and lifestyle brand, launched its first line of women's sportswear through its website, which includes leggings, T-shirts, vests, bras, long-sleeved tops and zip-on jerseys that will open at the door later this month Shop debut.


Inspired by nature and the English countryside, the new collection is hand-painted with Joules' signature hand-painted motifs that include moisture wicking, breathable ventilation and comfortable belts and pockets for a $ 24.95 T-shirts to $ 64.95 sweatshirts.


Colin Porter, the company's chief Zaful Coupons executive, said the brand is inspired by everyday life and nature, and sports fashion is a natural extension of the category.


Joules, an England-style country-style designer and sellers of women's, men's, baby's and household products, was founded in 1977 by Ian Joule and later re-branded and expanded by his son Tom Joule, With 97 stores in the United Kingdom and Ireland, it is a hot-selling brand for major UK retailers such as John Lewis and Next Label, as well as an e-commerce website.


In recent years, Joules has continuously expanded its international business and launched its e-commerce business in North America and Germany. Joule insists on omnichannel strategies including retail (stores and e-commerce), wholesale and other small channels (like franchising, etc.).




Brazilian Shoe Store Sapati Doubled Sales With RFID Technology


Brazilian shoe store Sapati is using the RFID platform to enhance the consumer experience. At present, the system has completed the first year of operation, store sales also increased by 100%. The platform was led by Vanderlei Kichel, chief executive of Seta Digital, a footwear ERP company.


According to Kichel, consumers are enjoying the RFID experience, which simplifies sales and enables them to be purchased in less than a minute.


Vanderlei Kichel, CEO of Seta Digital and founder of Sapati, stands next to a system that identifies footwear, recording information on an RFID card to add an order to a virtual shopping cart.


Kichel said the shoes mark is the biggest challenge Sapati faces. He explained: "The shoe factory needs to label the shoes to reduce the amount of work that needs to be done when it is sold, and if the label is attached to the shoe during manufacture, the RFID system can track the production process or be used for anti-theft."


The entrepreneur said he is negotiating with shoe-making companies to deploy RFID inside the factory, helping to keep factory inventories in check.


Kichel said several Digital Arrow customers visiting Sapati were interested in some solutions such as inventory control, eventually acquiring Sapati technology. He pointed out: "Other technologies in the solution (such as augmented reality) work with RFID to attract customers' interest."


Omni-channel retail is another fiery trend. Kichel said: "We have 40 customers using omnichannel sales model, some of which are planning to use RFID to control inventory."

Sapati is a lab for testing SetaDigital's new technology, and all sales profits have been reinvested into project development. Kichel said Sapati solved the problem that customers do not know what to buy.


The customer first touches the shoe with an RFID reader and then writes the product into a card that acts as a virtual shopping cart.


Kichel explains: "With this store, we can assess the pain points of the industry, develop the tools to test it and continually refine it." The company spends $ 1 million a year on innovation.


SetaDigital plans to invest $ 462,000 to expand its services to other Latin American countries. SetaDigital has been specializing in the development and delivery of software and services for footwear retailers for over 10 years. The company has provided services to 1000 stores in Brazil.

UGG parent Deckers won the proxy


Deckers Outdoor Corp. (NYSE: DECK) and the aggressive investor-hedge fund Marcato Capital Management LP took the brunt of the proxy fight at the company's Thursday 14 December annual shareholder meeting.


On the one hand, shareholders supported Deckers Outdoor Corp., the parent company of the UGG brand, and all nine former board members were all re-elected. The Marcato Capital Management LP, which initially sought to overthrow the entire board of directors and later concessions nominated only three new independent directors, vanished.

Deckers Outdoor Corp. (NYSE: DECK) fell 5.36% to $ 74.15 on Thursday as investors in Deckers Outdoor Corp. have been transformed. Shares of Deckers Outdoor Corp. of Marcat Capital Management LP were disclosed in February Since then, the group has soared 65%.


For the past six months, Marcato Capital Management LP has been pressing the board of Deckers Outdoor Corp. to improve its operations and governance and even to put the group on the market. Mick McGuire, founder of the fund and apprentice Bill Ackman, a big American hedge fund, believes that if Deckers Outdoor Corp. focuses on its crown jewels UGG and divest non-core brands such as Teva and Sanuk, repurchases more than half of the public offering and reforms high Tube salary plan, the share price can double to 135-138 US dollars by 2020, and EPS can also climb to 12.68 US dollars in FY2021 from 3.82 U.S. dollars in FY17.


Deckers Outdoor Corp. announced in August it was exploring strategic options including selling, but when it released its second-quarter earnings in late October, it said it would terminate the sale process after reaching 90 entities that still could not find a potential buyer.


The group issued a public notice on Thursday stating that the results of the directors' election justify the group on the right path to recovery. The group promised in November to nominate at least two new directors by September 2018 and a new $ 400 million share repurchase program.


Currently Marcato Capital Management LP holds an 8.4% stake in Deckers Outdoor Corp. The Group's other two aggressive investors, BlackRock Inc. (NYSE: BLK) BlackRock Inc. (NYSE: BLK) and Navigator Investments, which together hold nearly 18% of the total, have opted to stay on the same front as Deckers Outdoor Corp.

In a statement yesterday, Mick Mcguire said he still believes the status quo at Deckers Outdoor Corp. is unacceptable. He also pointed out that the board of directors of the group must make major reforms to avoid repeating many of the mistakes of the past. However, he declined to comment on whether or not to withdraw his investment in the group.


Deckers Outdoor Corp.'s revenue has reversed each year over the past three years. In the latest quarter, the group slipped 0.7% YoY to US $ 482.5m, of which the UGG brand fell 2.9% to US $ 400.4m and its profitability improved due to the restructuring plan. Its gross profit margin improved significantly by 220 basis points to 46.7% Adjusted EPS also increased significantly by 25.2% to $ 1.54. The group raised its full-year adjusted EPS forecast to $ 4.15-4.30 from the previous $ 3.95-4.15, but its net sales growth outlook was revised down to -2% from 1% -2%.


Dress Up Yourself - The Best Guideline of Buying Clothes In Dec 2017

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Make Your Life More Beautiful

Do you think your life is sunny and beautiful? Do you want to make your life more beautiful? When you are in a good mood will do everything successfully. One thing help you with good emotion is own a smart home. With the development of the society, our life will become smarter. The other thing is dress up beautiful. The following products advice will help you take knowledge of much more beautiful life things.

1. Amazon Echo: Voice Control Your Home, $79.99

Amazon Echo is a hands-free speaker you control with your voice. Echo connects to the Alexa Voice Service to play music, ask question, make calls, send and receive messages,provide information, news, weather, and more-instantly. For example, when you want to use Echo just say the wake word "Alexa" and Echo responds instantly; when you want to control your home devices, just use like this "Alexa, turn off lights", "Alexa, lock door"; when you want to listen to the music,you only need to say "Alexa, play music","Alexa, play the song that goes ‘my heart will go on".when you want to know the wether, say "Alexa, what's the weather tomorrow ".

Echo Smarter—the more you use Echo, the more Alexa adapts to your speech patterns.It updates are delivered automatically.You say "Alexa", "Alexa" will do instead of you do yourself.

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2. Miniinthebox Cleaning Robots: Automatic Home Cleaning Machine, $16.99

If you think of cleaning is a dirty and trouble thing, mini clean robot will solve your problem. Operate the touch button,it will works quickly.

The advantages of the Cleaning Robots:
Low noise design can't disturb you ears.
Full automation to remove corner dust and hair.
Use cleanning robot and your life will be easier and more beautiful, click here to buy Cleaning Robots.

3. GhostBed Luxe: Coolest Bed in the World, start at $995

The GhostBed Luxe will keep you and your mattress cool and comfortable throughout the night with the 2 stages of cooling. That is Surface and Core cooling. It is durability and longevity, you can own it for a long time.The most important thing is good for spinal health. So when you work all day go home for a rest, the coolest bed will give you a good dream. Cooler sleeping environment means more comfortable all life long.

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4. FocalPrice Pillow: Ultralight Portable Air Inflatable Pillow, $9.59

Ultralight Portable Air Inflatable Pillow from FocalPrice
Inflatable Pillow is adapt for traveling. As it is ultra-thin folding portable. It has large inflatable valve, easy gas charging and degassing convenient.
For your body it used to protect your cervical health, noon break, lean on to relax your waist. It is a wonderful choice for your traveling.
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5. Opensky LED BBQ Clip-on Light: Shine Exactly BBQ Light, $36.65

Simply mount the clip on any surface ledge and adjust the light to brightly shine exactly where you want to see. This BBQ light allows you to get full capability of all your grilling utensils and tools! It will make your night BBQ more clearly and enjoyable.

6. Naked Zebra Dress: Custom-Produced Fabrics Dress, $19.50


High quality and custom-produced fabrics make you dress more comfortable and beautiful. With Naked Zebra trendy dresses appearing on the party must be a shine star.

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Life needs us to find beautiful. The life has many beautiful goods. When life has smart home, traveling with good tool, taking party with beautiful dress, that is cool and beautiful life. Further more, smart home will make life smarter and more beautiful. Beautiful life is the most helpful state of the society. So seize it, enjoy it.