H & M Launched A Series of Female Sports

The trend of the movement of fashion flies, is spreading to more and more fashion brands. Recently, the Swedish fashion retail giant H & M and British lifestyle retailer Joules have launched a new series of women's sports.


H & M


H & M launched the latest women's clothing line is part of its Conscious line, but also the first women's campaign for environmental Zaful Support Center sports. The company said the new collection combines fashion design with high functionality to create new sportswear with sustainable materials.


Inspired by "nature and sporting women," the new range is built for prolonged exercise and includes tights, sports bras, hoodies and tops for training, running and yoga.



Through the green, black and beige printing, emphasizing the nature and sustainability, while all products are the main materials are recycled polyester and elastic fibers.


Functional details include quick-drying and seamless moisture absorption, as well as built-in support and vents, designed with cross straps and trim. According to Petra Smeds, chief designer of H & M sportswear, the new series uses a new weaving process that reduces yarn usage and thus reduces fabric waste.


The series has been launched at designated stores around the world late last week and will be available at H & M's online store on Thursday. Last December, H & M Group announced that it will launch an Internet brand called Nyden for Millennium customers in early 2018.




Joule, the UK lifestyle and lifestyle brand, launched its first line of women's sportswear through its website, which includes leggings, T-shirts, vests, bras, long-sleeved tops and zip-on jerseys that will open at the door later this month Shop debut.


Inspired by nature and the English countryside, the new collection is hand-painted with Joules' signature hand-painted motifs that include moisture wicking, breathable ventilation and comfortable belts and pockets for a $ 24.95 T-shirts to $ 64.95 sweatshirts.


Colin Porter, the company's chief Zaful Coupons executive, said the brand is inspired by everyday life and nature, and sports fashion is a natural extension of the category.


Joules, an England-style country-style designer and sellers of women's, men's, baby's and household products, was founded in 1977 by Ian Joule and later re-branded and expanded by his son Tom Joule, With 97 stores in the United Kingdom and Ireland, it is a hot-selling brand for major UK retailers such as John Lewis and Next Label, as well as an e-commerce website.


In recent years, Joules has continuously expanded its international business and launched its e-commerce business in North America and Germany. Joule insists on omnichannel strategies including retail (stores and e-commerce), wholesale and other small channels (like franchising, etc.).