Peacebird Children's Wear Mini Mini opens its own shop


Taiping Birds Mini Peace launched its first single-line store, the Mini Mini, at Hangzhou Tower. In the 45-square-foot space, nearly 100 SKUs are displayed. Among them, there is no shortage of 2018 summer new products that Disney has once joined in its name - the Disney Toy Story series.


“IP co-branding has always been an important part of our Mini Peace brand development strategy. Mini Peace has successfully achieved cross-border Disney series, Xiao Huangren, Marvel, and other IP, and has achieved a good market reputation and performance.” Taiping bird Baby Coupons children's clothing division Manager Shi Chaoxi said.

According to Euromonitor's 2016 domestic children's wear brand sales rankings statistics show that Pacific Children's Wear ranked 12th, 2016 revenue growth of up to 65.91%. In 2017, Mini Peace children's clothing retail sales of 1.042 billion yuan, an increase of 29.31%.


On the other hand, it is not difficult to see that Taiping Bird is accelerating the pace of the children's wear market. After all, China's children's wear market is in the Blue Ocean period, and no real giant has emerged.


China's children's wear market has great room for growth


In 2017, consumer demand in the apparel industry began to pick up. According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, the total retail sales of consumer goods in the year of 2017 exceeded 36.62 trillion, an increase of 10.2% year-on-year. Children's clothing is considered a rising star and shows a powerful explosive force.


In the "Children's Clothing Industry Tracking: Intensified Competition in the Children's Wear Industry, Getting the Quality and Operation to Get the World", the scale of China's children's wear market was about 145 billion yuan in 2016, an increase of 6.5% year-on-year, faster than overall clothing. The market's 5.1% growth rate; 2016-2016 children's wear industry compound growth rate is expected to be about 6.3%, faster than the overall apparel market 4.6% compound growth rate; and by 2021, China's children's wear market size of about 197 billion yuan.


Mini Peace-Mini Mini opens its first new store in Hangzhou


"The children's wear market is now our biggest cake, because the oligopolistic effect of the industry has not yet emerged, and each brand has the opportunity to be a head brand." Shi Chaoxi said. Shi Zhe cited a set of data. "The top ten brands in the men's market basically divide more than half of the market, but the top ten brands in the children's wear market add up to less than 20% of the market share." China's children's clothing market concentration Still at a low level.


Under the influence of factors such as the full release of the “two-child” policy and the upgrading of consumption, the development of the children’s wear market in China has been further intensified. After all, due to the high frequency of updating children's wear products, there is a rigid demand in household consumption. In addition, the young parents currently entering the peak period of childbirth are mostly only children born in the 1980s and 1990s. They are generally well-educated and have a higher quality of life. They also pay more attention to the concept of childbirth.


At the same time, after a long-term increase in income levels, the consumption expenditures of modern family children are based on the wealth accumulation of two generations, which amplifies and promotes the realization of consumer demand for baby products.



Fill the gap in the fashion market for young children


Based on such a huge demand, it is no wonder that various apparel brands have started to increase their children's wear, expanding their brand lines and product lines through incubation, acquisitions, etc., in order to occupy a place in the children's wear market.

According to the person in charge of the Mini Peace brand, the Mini Mini takes a “healthy, warm, and temperamental” brand image, delivers an elegant and confident lifestyle, and delivers warm joy and love. It is committed to bringing the best of health and fashion to infants and Promo Code for Zaful young children. Fashion passes to children around the world.

Mini Peace-Mini Mini's First National New Store Opening of Hangzhou Tower

In Shi’s view, “Now the parents of 85s and 90s are just over the age of 2 when the children are young – the smaller children are wearing body suits, and there is a gap in fashion expression – the focus has been on milk powder and The urine does not transfer to the wearer, and the market where little ones wear this one is still blank."

In the field of fashion, the Peacebird has an inherent advantage.


Taiping Bird's Wear Mini Peace was established in 2011 as the “incubator brand” of the men's clothing division. In the early days of its establishment, PEACEBIRD's existing strong channel support, system innovation design capabilities, and mature brand operations and higher consumer brand recognition all laid a solid foundation for the rapid growth of Mini Peace.


On the product, Mini Peace improved the production process, such as using American cotton to replace domestic cotton, opened up a new exclusive production line, and recruited more compact female workers, speeding up the details of the operation like “turning sleeves”. At the same time, the Mini Peace and PEACEBIRD MEN joint cross-border Disney series and the PEACEBIRD WOMEN family of cross-border French designer's parent-child series bring together bright new designs for young parents after 80s and 90s.


Mini Peace 2018 Disney Disney Toys Mobility Cooperative Series


According to Shi’s introduction, the style of Mini Peace in 2011 will be more focused on the application of popular elements in addition to the cute and sunny children’s clothing. Five years later, there will be more peaceful waves and more cool DNA. "We have already cooperated with children's favorite IPs, such as Cars, Xiao Huangren, and Frozen, to make children more resonate." It will also pay more attention to personalized expression, such as the streets, small hip-hop and other elements.


It is worth mentioning that the purchase of Pacific birds is a young generation of consumers, they have a certain desire and awareness of fashion, when they form a family, they will certainly allow children to pursue fashion.


The Mini Mini launched this time is mainly for the mothers and fathers and mothers of new generation young families after 85-90. They have a strong sense of brand consumption and want to build their children into a personality, fashion, and temperamental baby. And this group of young parents pays great attention to the quality of life and guides and influences the consumption of the market.


Adhere to channel optimization upgrade


As an essential tool for the brand to rapidly seize the market, the channel is naturally a part of Mini Peace’s emphasis. This also explains why the Taiping Birds' Children's Wear will open its first Mini Mini store in the Hangzhou Tower.


Under the trend of consumption upgrade, shopping malls that integrate various types of brand shopping with eating, drinking, and playing have gradually replaced street stores and department stores as young people's favorite offline consumer sites. The “entrance” of this time also turned its attention to the Hangzhou Tower of the young consumer groups, and there was also an important step in the channels of the Taiping Bird.

By the end of 2017, Mini Peace had 761 stores nationwide, of which 231 were newly opened in 2017.


In the short term, the competition in the children's wear industry has become increasingly fierce, but the competitive landscape has not yet been established. The degree of concentration is also lower than that of foreign mature markets. Without real leaders and leaders, brand concentration tends to be moderately improved in the short term. In the long run, compared to other clothing segments. In the industry and children's wear, the quality and safety requirements of the products are more stringent. This consumption characteristic determines that excellent children's Yoins Coupon Code wear enterprises are expected to achieve brand value improvement in the precipitation of time and obtain continuous leading edge, and the industry concentration is expected to gradually increase. Businesses appear.