How Does FILA Win Young Consumers?


After a series of preparations, the Italian century-old classic sports brand FILA is opening a new chapter.


According to the fashion business newsletter, FILA will hold its first fashion show in 107 years at Milan Fashion Week on September 23 this year, becoming the first sports brand to be on the official agenda of Milan Fashion Week. The series was designed by Antonino Ingrasciotta, the creative director who Dacoz took over last year. Before joining FILA, the designer worked as a creative director for seven years at adidas.


In order to better present the history of the brand and its vision and vision for the future, FILA also plans to hold an exhibition at the iconic La Triennale Design Museum in Milan from September 19th, with the intention of attracting more young people with culture and art.


FILA Greater China President Yao Weixiong said that FILA's achievements in recent years are gratifying. In 2017, the overall growth rate was high double-digit growth, further moving away from the goal of 10 billion sales, mainly because FILA always maintains its own fashion genes and can be based on The ever-changing consumer demand continues to enrich the product matrix.


In fact, FILA has been gradually endorsing in the market through product innovation and invitation to influx of stars in recent years. Since 2015, FILA and Jason Wu launched the exclusive joint series in China, FILA is ready to move towards a bigger international fashion. The stage, and the stage of the Milan Fashion Week, is undoubtedly the best way for FILA to focus on the global vision and speak to the fashion world.


As the street trend intensified in the fashion circle, the exposure of FILA in the millennial generation continued to rise.


According to a survey by the Pew Research Center, “millennials” – those born between 1981 and 1996 – and “Z generations” will form the largest consumer group in 2019.

In the face of the rising trend of the domestic fashion fashion apparel market and the “Z generation” that is younger than the millennial generation, in addition to FILA, sports brands such as Nike, adidas and Puma have also begun to reflect, adjust marketing strategies, frequently attack Trend market.


Around 2014, adidas gave a dividend of $10 million and promised to pay dividends from Nike's licensed star Kanye West, breaking the boundaries between sports and fashion, and the beginning of the fashion brand's pursuit of fashion. Nike gradually loosened his insistence on athlete professionalism after struggling. This year, he launched the football series with the most concerned designers Virgil Abloh and Kim Jones, and once again became the big winner of the American shoe bestseller list.


Under the leadership of Rihanna, Puma boarded the Paris Fashion Week and captured the “Capital of Fashion Discourse Rights”, pushing the fashion brand to a higher level. The Under Armour, which originally occupied the throne of the third largest sports brand in the United States, was not Keep up with the trend of fashion and fall behind.


In order to seize more opportunities in the increasingly crowded industry, FILA, who tasted the sweetness of young people, held the MIND ZERO x ROY WANG sales conference in Shanghai on June 22 and officially released its new trend sports brand FILA FUSION to accelerate the expansion of fashion. The layout marks the brand's full entry into the new generation market.


On the evening, FILA's new spokesperson Wang Yuan appeared at the brand launch event. South Korea's street fashion D-ANTIDOTE principal Hwan Sung Park and jeans brand PRPS creative director Mattia Donadi also attended the event, and witnessed the determination of brand change with fashion stars such as Jiang Sida. 


In order to show the FILA FUSION Banggood Coupons brand concept more intuitively, FILA specially set up a new season of street dance and basketball theme series at the press conference, and the guests presented the FILA FUSION CREATE 2 MAKE (C2M) personalized custom service and DIY graffiti shoes interaction. Experience.


In terms of products, FILA FUSION adopts the new model of “1+N”, which is to launch multiple cross-border cooperation series with different designers or brands under the premise of FILA FUSION.


Among them, the difference between FILA FUSION and FILA lies in the integration of old and new. The design of this series is based on the re-engineering of the brand's classic sportswear, and the color application is more bold and rich. It has injected unique insights into the brand of street culture in recent years. Deconstructing and reshaping the trend culture to meet the new pursuit of freshness.


In the cross-border cooperation, the cooperation with FILA FUSION includes Japanese street brand Aape, Korean “fashion antidote” D-ANTIDOTE and New York street brand Staple. Each joint name has different styles from different countries, and the products are very diverse. The purpose is to make FILA FUSION the most personalized trend sports product line of FILA.


According to the brand, the MIND ZERO x ROY WANG limited-edition shoes designed by Wang Yuan were sold out in the FILA official flagship store and the FILA official online shelf. In response to this result, Wang Yuan admitted in an interview that he did not expect to have such a strong ability to bring goods, and revealed that he would have deeper cooperation with FILA in the future, such as launching a clothing line.


According to the statistics of fashion headlines, Wang Yuan’s number of fans on social media accounts such as Weibo has exceeded 45 million, which is the only one in the list of China’s most commercial value stars in the “First Financial Weekly” 2017. 14 digits. As of press time, FILA announced that Wang Yuan’s spokesperson’s related microblog forwarding volume has exceeded 7.32 million, and the number of comments and praises have reached 50,000 and 30,000 respectively.


In view of the fact that young consumers around the world are becoming more and more important to brands, especially in the Chinese market, there are opinions that Chen Kun, the spokesperson who is more mature and stable, chooses Wang Yuan as the brand new. The spokesperson, while invigorating the brand, also shows FILA's new attempts and ambitions in the young consumer market.


Trendy analysts believe that the style of leisure sports will be the ultimate affiliation of fashion, because comfort and personality are more in line with the social trend of liberalism, especially for young people in China.


According to Yao Weixiong, the original intention of FILA FUSION was to integrate the diverse cultures of different countries and regions, and to create a new spark of high-quality tradition and creative future, specializing in “Z generation” consumers. In order to highlight this position, FILA FUSION specially designed a slogan "THE FUTURE BELONGS TO YOUTH.", that is, the future belongs to the younger generation.


Keith, general manager of FILA's trend sports division, also said at the preview meeting earlier this year that with the birth of FILA FUSION, the FILA brand matrix has been further diversified, creating classics while recreating classics, and once again emphasizing the core of FILA to consumers. DNA, redefining the trend culture.


In order to satisfy consumers' pursuit of individuality, FILA FUSION specially prepared FILA FUSION CREATE 2 MAKE (C2M) customized service and DIY graffiti interactive experience at the press conference.


Obviously, FILA is looking forward to Wang Yuan and FILA FUSION to further close the distance between them and young people.


After taking over FILA China, the first thing Yao Weixiong did was to return the brand to fashion. He emphasized that FILA has Lightinthebox Discount Code gradually reshaped its brand positioning since 2010 and placed the young consumer group around 20 years old at the core position. With the constant renewal of the group, “young” is the brand. The only way to pass.

In addition to FILA FUSION, FILA also has other feeder lines, aiming to carry out more innovations and attempts through different feeder lines.


In order to highlight the positioning of younger, the fashion and decoration of FILA FUSION online store is also improved.


Interestingly, the original business of FILA, which was founded in 1911, was to produce and sell underwear. It was not until the 1970s that the product line was expanded to produce sportswear, and Japanese designer Ishin was invited to design the F-square of red and blue. Box Logo.


In the early days of its establishment, FILA chose to sponsor athletes to promote themselves. By sponsoring Björn Borg, a tennis player who was once known as the Swedish King, and Reinhold Messner, who was on Mount Everest without oxygen supply, he gradually became a brand name in the industry. One of the most popular sports brands for young consumers.


In 2003, the FILA headquarters was moved to New York, USA after being acquired by Sport Brands International Ltd. In March 2007, FILA Korea Ltd., which has been responsible for FILA's Asia Pacific business, reached an agreement with SBI through the holding company “Global Leading Brands House” to buy the brand's global footwear and apparel business.


After the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, domestic sports giant Anta realized that China's sports industry will have a new turning point. The too single brand structure will be quickly eliminated by the market. In 2009, the multi-brand strategy was officially launched, with a price of HK$600 million from Belle. International has acquired the franchise and trademark rights of the sports brand FILA in China and is responsible for the promotion and distribution of FILA products in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau.


According to the fashion headline data, FILA's overall development speed in 2017 exceeded 50%, especially in the fourth quarter, the growth rate reached 85% to 90%. FILA's business accounted for more than 30% of the Group's total revenue. In the past five years, FILA's retail growth rate has remained at around 40%.

Now, FILA has become a new engine for ANTA Sports. Yao Weixiong revealed in an interview earlier that FILA's future goal is to increase sales to 10 billion clubs in three years, and upgrade from the sports upstart to the top three brands in the domestic high-end market.


Due to its good sales performance, FILA plans to further expand its business, aiming to maintain a 10% annual growth in the number of stores.


As of the end of last year, there were 1086 FILA China stores. At the beginning of May this year, FILA opened two flagship stores in Shanghai Nanjing Road and Huaihai Middle Road. It is reported that the number of FILA stores in China has expanded to 1,300 to 1,400, and the growth rate of FILA may exceed 30% between 2020 and 2025.

In addition, FILA's retail network has expanded to Singapore and opened its first store in IONORCHARD Shopping Center last year. With the help of FILA, ANTA Sports' market value soared by 40 billion yuan last year to become the global sports giant behind Nike and adidas.


Some analysts believe that in the era of digital and high-tech emerging, the emergence of a unique situation in the industry has ended, followed by countless new opportunities, who can catch who will become a winner. Among them, the Asian region represented by China may be an important market for sports brands to win and lose.


Fashion headline network pointed out in the report earlier that marketing is easy to imitate, but brand genes are not easy to establish. After all, in the selection list of millennials with spending power, they are more willing to be products and brands than price considerations. Pay for uniqueness.


The vitality of business is always Tomtop Coupons continuing in the process of continuous advancement, and the trend of aesthetics will be replaced soon. It is easy to win young people and it is difficult to win young people. FILA's counterattack seems to be stepping on the point.