LV rush to do e-commerce platform before the Valentine's Day

French luxury brand Louis Vuitton announced on January 30, nearly 30 years into the Korean market, and finally to set up e-commerce site. South Korea is the third e-commerce market for LV in Asia after China and Japan, and is also the 12th country in the world to launch e-commerce. Products sold on the site are more comprehensive and include leather goods, accessories, watches, jewelry, perfumes and gifts, shoes and garments for some time, and products that can be delivered to all of South Korea, including Jeju Island.


Open the site you can see "Heart Sticky" series animation, which is designed to greet the Valentine's Day planning. Animated, with a heart of hearts flying in the sky, introduced all the types of products on the site. The bottom of the video is the purchase of different types of products, links are unique product images, the mouse will be up after moving up. In the new package section of the exhibition area, each model blockbuster touch the mouse will instantly become a small video. Site also 2018 autumn and winter men's series conference live video.


LV launched in e-commerce sites in Korea further confirmed its parent company LVMH emphasis on online strategy, the face of digital payment and universal online shopping era, do not want to "shock" luxury also have to join. In the past few days LVMH released the 2017 earnings report shows that online sales revenue increased 30% to about 3 billion US dollars, of which, in July last year, China's online electricity supplier power is not small. Due to the complete range of LV electric products in China and the perfect service, Luca Solca, Director of Luxury Analysis at BNP Paribas, described this as a sign that "European luxury goods finally really entered the Chinese luxury digital market." Therefore, this time LV electricity supplier all-round stationed in South Korea, LV can also help in the area is not open up physical expansion. At present, there are about 40 LV stores in South Korea, but they are not located in all regions. In contrast, even Jeju Island, including the distributors within the scope of distribution, will make up for the lack of geographical coverage.


Bernard Arnault, chief executive officer and chairman of the board of LVMH, said after the 2017 earnings announcement that it will continue to invest in digital services by 2018, but it will not be able to reduce its product positioning by cautiously protecting the brand reputation while expanding the channel. This shows that luxury goods group is still very worried about the phenomenon of fake goods rampant.


To South Korea, for example, in the past five years the circulation of luxury goods, fake LV living in the forefront. Therefore, LVMH is more willing to rapidly expand their own electricity supplier to avoid fake rampant. So since the first e-commerce company was established in France in 2005, there are e-commerce platforms in Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Japan and Australia. The $ 3 billion On the sales are mostly contributed by the home appliance business. Even rivals Saint Laurent, Burberry and other luxury brands have been stationed in Jingdong and Tmall in recent years, Louis Vuitton still insisted on operating independently in China's electricity supplier channels. However, the industry believes that, LVMH want to use self-e-commerce and Yoox Net-a-Porter, Farfetch and Matches Fashion and other luxury goods giant to compete, still a long way to go.