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Tiffany Continues to Convey "Freshness"

China's huge and ever-changing social media and online ecology pose huge challenges in both cognition and practice for overseas brands, especially luxury brands.

Tiffany & Co. (hereinafter Newchic Coupon referred to as “Tiffany”), a world-famous luxury jewellery brand with a history of 182 years, has shown a keen sense of smell and a flexible body, especially under the WeChat ecosystem, Tiffany completed in just one year. The transition from novice to "super player".

The unique consumer preferences and digital behavior of China's millennials are driving new changes in the relationship between luxury brands and consumers. When millennials become the “new upstart” of consumption, every luxury brand is thinking: how to optimize the brand strategy, communicate effectively with this main consumer group, and build emotional connections?

Looking back at Tiffany's path to change, by interpreting the brand's social marketing advancement strategy in China, it can bring new ideas to more fashion and luxury brands.

Dialogue "Millennial Generation"

Continuously convey "freshness"

Millennials advocate "easy and informal, modern and not restrained, casual and effortless", this mentality is gradually infiltrating and affecting the consumption attitude of the intergenerational groups. Tiffany naturally understands that in the face of new generations of consumers, new stimuli and constant freshness are needed.

Alessandro Bogliolo, Tiffany's current CEO and luxury industry expert, has been pursuing reform since he took office and gradually promotes the vision of becoming a new generation of luxury jewelry brands. Under the leadership of Alessandro Bogliolo and his partner, Tiffany Chief Art Officer Reed Krakoff, Tiffany began to interpret the brand spirit in a new way, more modern, three-dimensional and diverse in product innovation, channel expansion and brand marketing.

1. Extend the diversified product line and jump off the traditional design program

Tiffany, who specializes in creating beautiful things with exquisite craftsmanship, brings "daily luxury" to a new generation of consumers by gradually extending the product line. Thousands of blown bubble toys and 10,000 yuan paper clips have been launched, making the “Everyday Objects” daily series a hot topic in global social media; Tiffany perfume, which has been re-launched after 14 years, makes the brand outside the iconic color “Tiffany Blue” It also has an exclusive scent; the opening of the Blue Box Café on Fifth Avenue in New York puts Tiffany's breakfast into reality.

In terms of product design expression, Tiffany also presents a "classic and modern, gorgeous and everyday" style. Take the latest Tiffany Paper Flowers? This is the first jewellery collection created by Reed Krakoff after joining Tiffany. The collection exudes the design of traditional high-end jewellery with sophisticated materials, blending feminine temperament with modern texture, making it more suitable for everyday wear.

2, online and offline advancement, seamless integration of brand marketing

In the wave of Internet shopping, in the Chinese market, the brand chooses to test the waterline platform with a lighter gameplay. In January 2018, Tiffany opened its first line ceiling boutique on WeChat, which opened its prelude to online sales in the Chinese market in the form of a lightweight “flash shop”.

Offline, from the world's first Style Studio new retail concept store opened in London, to the large-scale renovation of the most recognizable New York Fifth Avenue flagship store, Tiffany steadily opened a new store, refurbish existing stores, and constantly upgrade the shopping experience . In China, Tiffany has more than 30 stores, covering all first-tier cities and most second-tier cities, and is continuing to sink to more second-tier cities and even third-tier cities.

It is worth noting that Tiffany's omni-channel strategy is not limited to the depth of the sales channel from offline to online, but also covers the seamless integration of consumer insight and reach, brand social marketing.

From novice to "super player"

Let WeChat Eco "use it for me"

In the face of the Chinese market, due to the particularity of consumer groups and social environment, social marketing is the focus of luxury brands, but also faces pain points. Luxury brands need to remain “advanced” but not too “cold” and “socialized” cannot be “popular”.

On the seventh night of 2017, with the words “a touch of blue, witnessing the good moments of love” as slogan, Tiffany launched the brand's first circle of friends, officially opening the road of social marketing.

Since 2018, whether it is holiday marketing, new product promotion, or brand release, Tiffany has chosen WeChat as an important communication platform to build a social bridge with users and achieved more than expected feedback.

With the success of Tiffany's advertising in the circle of friends, WeChat has also won the favor of more and more international luxury brands.

Click on the video to learn about Tiffany's social marketing approach on WeChat Eco:

Based on the WeChat ecosystem, Tiffany's social marketing solutions have broken through the pain points and brought new inspiration to the luxury industry.

Pain point 1: How to reach the target group?

Tiffany solution: Creative content triggers deep resonance, precise delivery of combined offline drainage

In 2018, Tiffany invited the new generation of American idol Elle Fanning as a spokesperson to shoot a brand new promotional film and spread it through social media, including in the form of WeChat friends.

In this ad, Tiffany presents a dream world to the viewer. From black and white movie footage to the streets of New York, full of dreams, Tiffany has broadened the extension of “love and dreams” with creative content, expressing the brand's expectations – giving dreamers the courage and dreams. Unsurprisingly, after the advertisement was released, users were deeply resonated, and the praise rate exceeded the industry average of 10 times. Even many users have paid attention to the Tiffany public number through this advertisement, which laid the foundation for the brand to precipitate fans.

In fact, in advertising, if you only use tags to define the delivery population, you can't completely lock the target audience. Take Tiffany's advertisement as an example. With the help of WeChat's data capabilities, the brand deeply explores potential customers from multiple levels. In addition to the common high-end jewellery consumers, WeChat also helps Tiffany quickly find other potential customers based on the representative characteristics of typical seed users.

In addition, WeChat also expands potential customers by tapping Elle Fanning's fan base. At the same time, with LBS targeting technology, WeChat ads can help Tiffany stores find nearby matching users and drain high-end submarines for brand stores.

Pain point 2: How to grab the attention of users?

Tiffany program: "New style" strengthens "light interaction", every day related to love is Tiffany Blue

In every festival related to love, Tiffany, who has always been known as the “supporter of love”, explores new ways of social marketing in a bold and flexible manner.

On Valentine's Day in 2018, Tiffany boldly adopted the latest new style of advertising in the circle of friends, "Like-Flip", and staged a flipping drama of "Because of the name of love, love for love". At the same time, Tiffany also flexibly extended this gameplay, implanting an egg that guides the user interaction - "Uploading a photo frame with a partner's photo" to attract millions of users to share their love story with the brand.

By the "520" in 2018, Tiffany opened a "520 Love Journey" through creative animation, guiding users to invite their companions to participate in the game in the form of two-way interactive games. In the game, the classic products are subtly integrated into the scene story. The boys and girls started in the Tiffany flagship store and experienced a relaxed and romantic love journey. After the advertisement was released, it gained a rate of 30 times more than the industry average.

It is not difficult to find that whether the "Like-Flip" staged the flip drama or the "two-game" to open the love journey, in Tiffany's holiday marketing, the final keywords all fell on the "interaction".

In a social era where interaction is more emphasized, an interactive and engaging advertisement can successfully attract the attention of users. Tiffany strives to “early adopters” and actively uses the creative style of the circle of friends to strengthen social interactions, breaking the normality of “users passively accepting advertising content” and narrowing the distance between brands and target users.

Pain point 3: How to move from online marketing to “marketing + sales”?

Tiffany program: Featured "limited edition", equipped with small programs, commercial transformation in one step

In the face of the Chinese market, Tiffany chose to use the “flash shop” form to test the online sales before the official launch of the channel. The purpose of the Tiffany is to collect relevant data through an efficient path to accurately obtain user portraits of the Chinese market. In the future, the official distribution of online sales will be paved.

The “limited-time online boutiques” launched by luxury brands usually focus on keywords such as “exclusive sale” and “limited edition”. The brand also has multiple considerations in the choice of “limited money”: it is necessary to inherit the classics and follow the trend to attract the attention of young people.

In January 2018, Tiffany opened a limited-time boutique on WeChat to launch an exclusive limited-edition Open Heart 18K rose gold necklace in China. This is the first time Tiffany has tried a line-up boutique. Inspired by legendary designer Elsa Peretti, the Open Heart 18K necklace throws away the complex design and expresses the idea of ​​“anything you want, style is simple” with smooth lines. "Limited 150 necklaces, sold out in 5 days" - the first time to test the water flash shop, Tiffany handed in a brilliant transcript.

This year's "520", Tiffany once again launched a limited-time boutique, selling the Special Key for Modern Keys. It is worth mentioning that this time Tiffany opened the boutique in a small program, users can directly jump to the boutique from the circle of friends, from product browsing, one-click order to WeChat payment, the whole process is in place, greatly The conversion chain has been shortened, and sales conversion has also improved significantly. It is reported that the limited edition of 200 necklaces will be sold out within 6 days.

As a key part of the WeChat ecosystem, the multi-programming multi-player approach can open up content and shopping scenarios, help luxury brands achieve “see-and-buy”, complete a series of business goals such as fan diversion and efficient conversion.

From Tiffany's social marketing exploration under the WeChat ecosystem, it is not difficult to see that the establishment of an effective communication mechanism between luxury brands and a new generation of consumers requires not only the creative content of the people, but also the ability to fully utilize and release the social platform. Luxury brands can continue to enhance user stickiness and expand brand sound by combining gameplay and integrating different products and resources within WeChat.

What is the Fate of Fast Fashion Brands?

Beijing Xihongmen Huiju Shopping Mall is very lively. The FOREVER 21 store is full of people inside and outside. Everyone is waiting for the opening number of the opening business at 10 o'clock. It is hot when the Starbucks Cat Claw Cup and AJ Shoe Shoes are sold. Scene.

The event lasted until May 17th, and the Dacoz days before the closing of the store on the weekend will be the “last carnival” of the store.

This is a microcosm of FOREVER 21's announcement to withdraw from the Chinese market. The official announcement said that it will suspend the operation of the official website and Tmall and Jingdong flagship stores from April 29, and has closed more than 200 stores in the past three years.

The fast fashion brand founded in the United States, like its positioning, quickly entered the market and immediately withdrew.

In fact, the same fast fashion brands as FOREVER 21 have similar fate trajectories: rushing in, waving a hand, leaving a mess. ASOS, TOPSHOP, NEXT, and Marks & Spencer have entered China in succession. Before hunting for a huge consumer market, due to insufficient attention, local opponents are too strong, and the rhythm of the Internet era is slow, etc., and finally because of "unacceptable" Lost Maicheng.

Fast fashion has passed

Fast fashion is a simple saying of “fast fashion”. It means that apparel companies respond quickly to the fashion design of the show and make products that are close to the latest fashion trends. The fast delivery time, low price and easy acceptance and keeping up with the trend are Its distinctive features.

In 2006, the Spanish fashion tycoon ZARA opened the first physical store in China in Shanghai, opening up the Chinese people's understanding of fast fashion. The first Chinese store in Nanjing West Road in Shanghai made an amazing performance of 800,000 yuan in a single store in the Spring Festival of the year, which is equivalent to the total daily sales of 80 similar Chinese clothing brands.

For a time, C&A, Forever 21, GAP, H&M, MJstyle, MUJI, NEW LOOK, UNIQLO, UR and other fast fashion brands have become hot.

The new fast speed, fashionable style, price-friendly, fast and unique label, is quite popular among domestic female consumers.

Many commercial complexes in first- and second-tier cities offer relatively low rents in order to attract brands. Real estate developers have taken a fancy to the powerful young consumers behind them, taking the opportunity to boost the overall popularity of restaurants, department stores, etc., while the fast fashion giants are looking at the huge domestic consumer market.

China has become ZARA's second largest market in Spain except Spain, and it is also an economy that UNIQLO is increasingly dependent on. The annual sales performance of the 11-day-old cat flagship store is enviable enough. The real "hands are fast, hands are slow".

At that time, the speed of expansion of first-line fast fashion brands was maintained at 60% to 70% per year, and H&M even opened a new store on average four days.

Compared to traditional retailers requiring a 6-9 month production cycle, Zara and H&M only take 5 weeks, and ASOS completes the product process in 2-8 weeks with an average time to market of 6 weeks. The production models, management methods, sales channels, etc. of these brands have become the object of worship and learning of many domestic brands.

In the past decade or so, international fast fashion brands have earned a lot of money in China, but the trough broke out in the era of mobile Internet. In February 2017, ZARA closed its largest flagship store in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. This move was seen by the industry as a node for the rapid development of fast fashion.

In 2018, New Look closed 130 stores in China after entering the Chinese market for four years; TOPSHOP terminated cooperation with Chinese agents and closed the Tmall flagship store on the eve of the double 11 exit, which was originally intended to be in Huaihai Zhong Road The plan to open an independent store has also died. ASOS, which has been acclimatized to China, also stopped operating this year, ending with a loss of 8.6 million euros.

The days of FOREVER21 are not good. From the social media on the FOREVER21, you may be able to see the common problems of foreign fast fashion brands: the quality is too bad and the style does not conform to the Chinese market.

Under the rapid production mode, the fast fashion brand has become the hardest hit area for quality inspection. Some fast fashion brands have become a frequent red light after entering China, and have even become a frequent visitor on the blacklist of quality inspection. Beijing white-collar Asha often bought HM clothes before. "The main picture is cheap, but it is not good to buy it once or twice. It is not cost-effective."

At the same time, fast fashion brands are mainly self-operated stores, but with the real estate dividend period passed, the bargaining power of fast fashion brands in first- and second-tier cities has not been “scented” in the past, in other words, shopping malls and fast fashion. The game relationship between them has changed.

Store rents and labor costs are getting bigger and bigger, which brings a heavy burden. More importantly, “cheap fashion” has been difficult to meet the needs of Chinese consumers for quality consumption.

Changes in consumption upgrades and changes in the Chinese market require fast fashion brands to put down their arrogant body and re-examine Chinese consumers.

Fast fashion giants are not satisfied with the soil

In fact, in the Chinese market, in addition to facing the rising domestic apparel brand, the international fast fashion giants may come from another dimension – the Tao brand that grew up on the Internet, which makes the market competition unprecedentedly fragmented.

Tmall’s business business, “E-commerce Online”, said: “The fast fashion brands are mostly deployed in first- and second-tier cities, but it is difficult for users in the cities below the third- and fourth-tier cities to move.”

The data shows that the volume of clothing transactions in the domestic e-commerce channel accounts for more than 35% of the overall consumption of clothing. Amoy brand can learn the fast production mode that fast fashion is proud of, and can rely on the strong e-commerce channel to quickly seize the position. At this time, the attention of fast fashion brand still stays in the intrinsic store mode.

"Zara a lot of T-shirts, to sell one or two hundred, but Taobao search similar styles may only be fifty or sixty, the quality is no difference, the door-to-door can also support free returns." Li Yue, who lives in Shenyang, said.

On the other hand, with the popularity of social applications such as Instagram, Weibo, and Xiaohongshu, young consumers are beginning to pursue individuality and diversified consumption, and are no longer satisfied with the short-lived pleasure brought by fast fashion consumption. Fast fashion brands must be like this. Thinking about the brand's way out in the difficult situation: traditional marketing methods are outdated, following the trend of the times, relying on social media marketing, KOL bringing goods is a new thinking of transformation strategy.

The UNIQLO, the leader in the fast fashion brand, is a model for the successful operation of the e-commerce model. As early as 2009, Uniqlo opened the Tmall flagship store, far ahead of H&M, ZARA and other brands, through the fashion industry. KOL and ordinary consumers create a connection, spontaneously share the brand for the second time, so that the marketing effect is fissile.

In September last year, H&M held the first Tmall Super Brand Day. The new autumn series took the lead in the flagship store. The same day sales accounted for the first three categories of Tmall men's wear, women's wear and children's wear. The “online market” became a natural course. The most frequently occurring keyword in H&M related reports in 2018.

Can quickly pull out the lost line of sight and refocus, whether it is H&M or Zara, Uniqlo, all choose to touch the net, with the consumption mode that young people like, is currently in the critical stage of digital transformation.

But the effect of the e-commerce road is not immediate, and the entry is too late, has missed the best time for the Internet to bring dividends. Zhang Peiying, honorary consultant of the Luxury China Alliance, said that the GAP online small program mall is to expand the online channel, but at this stage consumers have not yet developed WeChat shopping habits, so GAP may not pass. This channel stimulates performance growth."

New country tide is coming

Buying the corresponding one is also faster to abandon. According to McKinsey's latest report, more than half of fast fashion apparel will be abandoned in less than a year. The tide card that is more in line with young people's pursuit of individuality and maverick has ushered in an outbreak.

In recent years, Tide brand consumption has continued to maintain a double-digit growth trend. In 2011, the global tide brand market was 60 billion US dollars, and in 2017 it reached more than 200 billion US dollars. Many forecasts believe that behind the tide brand is the next trillion-level market.

In this market, the national tide is even more unique. In recent years, many brands sought after by young people have emerged. The Internet has become a place for many designers to show their talents, and the e-commerce platform provides a channel for external output.

Some surveys show that although many consumers of Chaopai are gathered in Beishangguang, most of the street-starting places are often in the second- and third-tier cities, such as Chongqing, Xiamen, Wuhan, etc. The regional culture is often the development belt of the national tide. Come to life.

These are all fast fashion brands trying to sink the channel and expand new development space. Since 2013, H&M has begun to sink offline channels to second- and third-tier cities. In 2016, there were 77 new stores in China, 53 of which were in second- and third-tier cities. ZARA also started planning to sink to third- and fourth-tier cities almost at the same time.

“However, the 3rd, 4th and 5th tier cities are also a consumer market that is very different from the first-tier cities. Here, local brands such as Metersbonwe, Senma, Haicang House, La Chapelle, etc., are familiar with the local consumption environment and consumer demand. With the help of opening franchise stores, famous variety shows, celebrity endorsements and other methods to cultivate a group of their own consumer groups, it is not easy for fast fashion brands to integrate. At the same time, the design style is not accepted, different consumption habits, etc. It’s a hindrance to the sinking of its channels,” said Harry, who is engaged in fashion and luxury consulting.

The rise of the national tide, because it has the mission of Renaissance, satisfies the young consumers' "seeking common ground while reserving" consumption thoughts, not only satisfies the pursuit of fashion, the publicity of personality, but also a return to traditional culture. pay tribute. In recent years, the development of the national tide market is faster than the luxury market and the fast fashion market, showing the phenomenon that the late show is straightforward.

In 2018, the Taiping Bird Group achieved revenue of 7.712 billion yuan, an increase of 7.78% compared with the previous year. The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 572 million yuan, an increase of 27.51%.

With the rise of the new national tide, in 2018, Li Ning's operating income reached 10.51 billion yuan, an increase of 18.4% year-on-year, and the first realized revenue exceeded 10 billion yuan.

How fast fashion brands can meet the more diversified needs of consumer groups under the premise of “fast”, I am afraid it will be an important way to break down sales barriers in the future.

Uniqlo Hopes to Restart the "Explosive Manufacturing Machine"

About two months ago, an article in the interview with Yanai Zheng of The Economist described a detail: When asked what is the vision of Uniqlo, Yanai is taking a book from the shelf - the UK Mass clothing retailer Next, as early as the 1987 autumn and winter series catalogue, he said that all the clothes inside are so classic, today is also out of time.


Well, unlike the “fast Voucher Codes fashion” players such as Zara and H&M, the fashion trend is also step by step. Now, from the turn of the turn of the century, Uniqlo has evolved into a powerful “explosive manufacturing machine”: HEATTECH , AIRism, ULD down jacket, Dry-EX, BLOCKTECH... When Zara and H&M are still in the tactics of Yihai, Uniqlo has been trying through technology to define the common sense of dressing.


In fact, even in recent years, the "LifeWear" brand concept has gradually deepened into the hearts of the people, and various joint IP and cooperation models have also been tens of thousands of people (such as the recently won the crazy T-shirts...), but in each new season, people Still, when I went shopping, I suddenly found out that Uniqlo was still working tirelessly, and did the duty of a labeled "technical company."


For example, before the summer season, Uniqlo hopes to restart the "explosive manufacturing machine." This season, they aimed at sunscreen clothing and launched a variety of sunscreen products in one go.


In a sense, these products, which are intuitively different from casual wear, but which differ greatly from most sun protection garments on the market, also confirm an important business theory in the era of abundance: in any competitive business area – regardless of clothing , digital, home appliances, or something else, the technology and design are freely grafted, and then on the product, superimposing a certain brand idea about personal freedom may be the only way to stand out from the market.


But the question is: Why does Uniqlo choose sun protection clothing?

This should be discussed from scientific common sense. As we all know, proper sun exposure is good, such as the ability to synthesize vitamin D, which is good for bones and muscles, and enhances immunity. But the key is: What is "appropriate"?

Just recently, a cover article published by the British "New Scientist" once again reiterated: how long each person is drying, how to dry, are learning. For example, the ultraviolet light required by the human body to synthesize vitamin D is UVB, which has weak penetrating power and is partially absorbed by the ozone layer. If you want to rely on the sun to synthesize dimension D, you should pick the most intense time of the day, that is, from 10 am to 2 pm. At other times, it is actually a penalty station in the sun, only tan and sunburn.


In addition, people of different latitudes, people of different skin colors should be completely different in duration. For example, we are yellow races, and most cities in China are at mid-latitudes, so each person probably needs to sun for 2 to 8 minutes.

This is certainly not a completely universal conclusion. Specific to the individual, it will be interfered by other variables (such as skin exposure area, gender age, air pollution level, etc.), but it at least means that most of the time, humans need sun protection.


The world is no exception. As far as I know, there is even a sunscreen song in Australia. Many children have to learn when they enter kindergarten. There is a lyric in the song: "slip, slop, slap, wrap" Chinese is a set of sunscreen four-part: "Put on sunscreen, apply sunscreen, put on a sunhat, and wear a sunshade."


So how to protect from the sun? The answer lies in the song. The first part of the four-part series is “wearing sunscreen clothing”. The new scientist also said in the article: Covering the skin with clothes, the sunscreen effect is the best, it seems to be a once-and-for-all sunscreen. It is only the last line of defense.


When it comes to "slip", the Uniqlo sunscreen series, which is blessed by new technology, may be superior to most products on the market. The principle of sun protection is not difficult to understand: the ultraviolet radiation of solar radiation can be divided into three kinds according to the wavelength. In addition to the UVB mentioned above, there is UVC which is almost completely absorbed by the atmosphere. The most worthy of human hostility is actually UVA, which can penetrate the cloud and even penetrate. Glass is the real murderer behind the skin.


The Uniqlo sunscreen series can effectively block the transmission of UVA. After testing, the UVA transmittance of solar ultraviolet is less than 5%, which can block more than 95% of UVU, and the UV protection factor is UPF>40 (refers to the skin when the skin is unprotected). The ratio of the average effect of ultraviolet radiation to the average effect of ultraviolet radiation calculated when the skin has a fabric, assuming that the time of sunburn of the skin is 1 when there is no protection, and the time of sunburn of the skin is 1 time, which is ten times that of the skin. 10; UPF=40 is 40 times longer than sunburn), and, compared to the song "Painted with sunscreen, put on a sunhat, put on a sunshade" - and a little redundancy The rest of the "take a parasol", UNIQLO sunscreen series can really achieve instant sun protection.


In addition, Uniqlo will adjust the processing method according to the weaving method of the fabric, the stitching of the fabric and the characteristics of the fabric to maximize the UV shielding rate. For example, compared to most external coatings for sunscreen clothing, Uniqlo uses a process of weaving the sunscreen titanium dioxide into the yarn, even if it is only a thin shirt, it can last for a long time to protect the skin.


When it comes to healthy skin, even if the public's awareness of sun protection is enhanced, most people still suffer from sunburn and sunburn. They do not re-examine the sun from the perspective of skin aging. In fact, scientists have now reached consensus. : The severity of skin photoaging caused by ultraviolet rays is far more than the degree of natural aging. If you are in a person's face and unfortunately see too many folds and stains that are not commensurate with the years, then the probability is by light. Caused by aging.


In other words, if you want to keep your skin healthy, then in the hot sun, a sunscreen that is instantly and lastingly sunscreen is not the “cherry on the cake” that is the embellishment. It is the most important cake itself.



However, when you talk about Uniqlo sun protection clothing, you may have heard about it. Since last year, there have been some articles on the Internet about the Chinese and foreign UNIQLO sun protection clothing. It is said that these statements have brought a group of overseas purchases.


The source of this misunderstanding is because in the product "sunscreen" function, each country has a different certification system - in fact, in fact, AIRism mesh hooded hooded sports cardigan also has sun protection function, many people do not know, Because Uniqlo is the national standard for UV protection of Chinese standard institutions obtained in 2018, it can mark the sunscreen in the product. (Note: The Japanese Sunscreen Index is based on the International Sunscreen Rating Standard, and the Chinese standard will be stricter. some). At the product level, Uniqlo sunscreen clothing adopts a global standard. The two editions of China and Japan are produced by the same factory, and the UV protection function and fabric composition are completely consistent.


This is in line with business logic. You know, Uniqlo is the world's biggest weapon in the non-standardized clothing industry, by reducing the cost of the latest technology, using a comprehensive global supply chain to sell at low prices around the world, and the industry chain with different core suppliers (such as Chips are different, they seem to have no reason to treat them differently.


So how do you explain this deliberately "with rhythm"? I guess, throwing away "I really don't know" and "conspiracy theory", it is more likely to be some mental cognitive dissonance, and there is a solid consumption in the mind. "This makes them full of prejudice in many areas of consumption."


In fact, if you turn down the tag, you will know that it is "made in China." In 9102, you may wish to have a normal state of mind.


Of course, following the iterative speed of a “technical company”, the Uniqlo sunscreen series itself is also evolving. This season, it can become a new explosion of the new network, in addition to light and portable, it benefits to a large extent: it can kill the poisonous sun in the "invisible."


As I said before, sun protection clothing is an essential daily item, but according to my observation, based on some subtle psychology, many people do not want others to point out: "You wear a sun protection clothing today! ", and more willing to tell others inadvertently under the scorching sun: "In fact, my clothes have sunscreen function~"

But you know, most sun protection clothing on the market seems to be eager to declare war on the sun, for fear that others do not know "this is a sunscreen clothing", and the Uniqlo sunscreen series not only solves the basic literacy of sun protection, but also breaks through the conventional design. Provide dozens of seasonal colors, and combined with the fashion design of the season, add sunscreen to the best-selling models of different fabrics, so that the sunscreen clothing is no longer a "functional clothing" that is simply blessed by black technology, but Through the grafting of technology and design, we will expand the cognitive boundaries of “sun protection clothing” and let everyone freely go out.


That's right, it's everyone.


For example, in the case of women's wear, the marriage of AIRism and sun protection clothing makes the wearing experience particularly comfortable.


Here, let's take a look at science, as the summer black technology of Uniqlo, although the name of AIRism is not unfamiliar, but what is it? The interpretation of the technical dimension will be very boring. In my opinion, you can perceive it as A micro-climate system that combines skin and fabric with a soft touch, moisture absorption, quick drying, cold touch, deodorization, antibacterial, deodorant and elastic properties.


Temperature, "humidity" and "airflow" are very moderate air layers for maximum comfort.

And when AIRism completes the integration with the sunscreen, it will also release twice the result with half the effort. Women's clothing, the highly acclaimed AIRism UV mesh hooded sports cardigan, not only has a comfortable touch, but also effectively blocks UV intrusion. In addition, the explosion-proof AIRism underwear also adds UV protection.

In the women's sunscreen series, in addition to the free grafting with AIRism, this year Uniqlo has also launched a variety of portable UV protection jackets, light and nothing - compared to parasols, easier to carry around, and fabrics add durable waterproof performance, help Moderately resist the rain.


In addition, UNIQLO also launched a variety of styles such as anti-UV suits, breaking the inherent boundaries between different clothing scenes, allowing sunscreen and fashion to seamlessly connect.


Of course, this year is particularly worth mentioning. Uniqlo has launched a full line of sunscreen products from children to men's wear, and men's and children's wear also enjoys the technical well-being of AIRism: in the AIRism series of men's high comfort, the new UV-proof function is added. Two new products for hats and sweaters; for children, Uniqlo launched the AIRism UV-proof mesh hooded sports cardigan, allowing children to maintain a comfortable all-day clothing experience.




It is not difficult to find that, as stated at the beginning, for many years, Uniqlo has been leading the public in dressing in the least flamboyant way of technology. In the eyes of many people, following the footsteps of seniors such as HEATTECH, in the future, every spring and summer, going to Uniqlo to buy sunscreen clothing may become the consumption inertia of more people.


The sun protection clothing is just a mirror to see the ambition of Uniqlo. I guess, Liu Jingzheng’s greatest ideal for Uniqlo is that after decades of interviews with young reporters, he took a book reviewing the classic costumes of the human body from the shelf and told him "You see, the clothes we designed have changed the way people dressed that year, and it’s not too late to wear them today."


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The Belle Sports business will go public in Hong Kong

The Belle split sports business has made new progress.

According to Reuters news, Belle International (hereafter referred to as Belle) has hired a corporate and investment business, Bank of America merrill Lynch (BAML), to help advance its sports business to Hong Kong IPO. The latter's goal is to provide the Belle Sports business unit with a valuation of at least HK$20 billion to HK$25 billion. At the end of last year, Belle has invited investment bankers to promote their IPOs.

Currently, Belle has not responded to the interface news. Reuters said that Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Belle International's Promo Codes current shareholders Gao Yi Capital and CDH Investment also declined to comment.

In May 2018, Belle also reported that it would list the split sports business. At the time, Bloomberg quoted sources as saying that the privatized majority shareholders of Belle Holdings, Gaochun Capital and CDH Investment, are considering splitting the sports business of Belle Group and going to Hong Kong for listing as early as 2019, raising $1 billion. .

Belle's sports business mainly includes overseas sports brands such as Nike, Adidas, Hummer and Converse. This part of the business has maintained a growth trend in recent years. Since the privatization of Belle from 2012 to 2017, in addition to a fiscal quarter in 2016, Belle's sportswear stores have almost increased. According to the last publicly released 2016/17 annual report before the delisting, the company's sports and apparel business revenue was 22.746 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 15.4%. The proportion of business in total revenue also rose from 48.3% in the previous year to 54.5%, exceeding the footwear business. During the period, Belle International's sports brand stores in the first-tier cities increased by 252, the number of sports brand stores in second-tier cities increased by 251, and the number of clothing stores increased by 40.

According to the revenue, Belle Sports has been ranked in the forefront of the Chinese sports market in 2017. At that time, Nike’s first-ever revenue in Greater China was US$4.237 billion (approximately RMB 28.5 billion), exceeding Billion’s billions. And Anta, the top Chinese brand, had revenues of only 16.69 billion yuan in fiscal year 2017, far below the revenue of Belle Sports.

After the privatization of Belle, its sports business still maintained rapid growth. In April 2018, Sheng Li, president of Belle Footwear Division and president of New Business Division, revealed that the profit and sales of Belle Sports are expected to increase by more than 20%, and the proportion of the Group's revenue is still more than half.

According to the data provided by the research institute Euromonitor to the interface news, Belle's sports business accounts for 6.7% of the Chinese market. At present, the top five sports brands in the Chinese market are Adidas, Nike, Anta, SKECHERS and Li Ning. Belle also represents the Chinese business of Nike and Adidas. Euromonitor International expects the size of the Chinese sports market to increase from $40 billion in 2018 to $58 billion in 2023.

The broad market prospects and continued positive business development may be the reason why Belle wants to let the sports sector go public separately.

However, the brand control subject to the agency business is weak, and the agency system has low gross profit and needs to rely on expansion to achieve large-scale development. The pure sports business may not be so easy to obtain high valuation in the Hong Kong market. Belle's financial report shows that its gross profit margin for footwear products in the past three years is roughly above 65%, while the gross profit margin of sportswear products is basically around 45%, and the gross profit difference between the two is 20%.

Off-White Is too Hot

Founder and designer Virgil Abloh joined LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE (MC.PA) Lu Wei Xuan Group, the Romwe Coupon Code world's largest luxury goods group's largest brand Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton menswear art director, founded in 2013 The fashion brand Off-White may be put into the arms of the French giant.

Industry Media Women's Daily quoted market sources on Sunday as saying that LVMH is in the process of negotiating Off-White's parent company, New Guards Group Holding SpA, which owns the Marcelo Burlon County of Milan label, Palm Angels, Heron Preston, Unravel Project, Alanui and A Plan. Several new independent brands, such as Application, were co-founded by Marcelo Burlon, Davide de Giglio and Claudio Antonioli at the end of 2014.

Instagaram's 6.3 million followers, including Off-White and Hood By Air, have been created by black designers to illustrate the black culture of the street, and have been greeted by market surprises in the past 10 years. Hood By Air founder Shayne Oliver sums up this The trend said that this is the rich man trying to "spend money on things that look dirty."

Some sociologists have analyzed that similar tide brands include stars such as Rihanna and Kanye West trying to speak for black people. On the other hand, the mainstream white affluent class also tries to express society's tolerance for diversity through wearing.

At the mega men's week in Paris, Virgil Abloh received the blessing of Bernard Arnault, the richest man in France, and his daughter and the late successor to LVMH, Delphine Arnault, who attended the LV menswear show and took photos with Virgil Abloh.

Vingil Abloh, a 38-year-old DJ/fashion designer, joined LV in early 2018 and stated that his goal is to “think about the significance of the new stage of design and luxury for the most premium brands of luxury goods”.

Founded by Virgil Abloh, Off-White has no core value in its early years. It relies on the iconic “streamers” to start with Nike Nike, Jimmy Choo, Moncler, Sunglass Hut, Warby Parker, Umbro and Umbro. Well-known brands cooperate, and the influence of Off-White x Nike has reached the phenomenal level, sweeping the championship of several shoes in 2017.

Subsequently, Off-White began to imitate Vetements, and with the latter and other brands to attack the traditional conservative values of the luxury industry with its unique street and rebellious culture, and was eventually “advanced” by the big group. The founder of Vetements, 38-year-old Georgian Dacoz German designer Demna Gvasalia joined Kering SA (KER.PA) Kaiyun Group in 2015 as the artistic director of Balenciaga's Balenciaga family, creating a blasting product for Balenciaga, magically The brand has become the group's fastest growing brand, even surpassing Gucci Gucci.

The “trend” luxury goods such as Off-White, as well as the popular sales of traditional luxury goods such as Balenciaga, which are transformed into “tidal cards”, are partly due to the unexpected gains of finding new customers under the growth demand of the luxury goods industry. After the financial crisis, the luxury goods industry relies entirely on Chinese consumers, and the rejuvenation and infidelity of Chinese luxury consumers are their distinctive features.

Is the Nike SB Dunk Series “Returning”?

I believe you should also feel that, from the past 2018, Nike has begun to launch some new works for SB Dunk, such as Voucher Codes the earlier "black pigeon", MEDICOM TOY joint name, Diamond Supply Co. joint name, and near paragraph Time for the "Purple Lobster" and the new "Panda" with Staple and so on.

These can be said to be important joint names of the SB Dunk series that have been talked about by people. However, according to the standards of the current sneaker market, the first few pairs may not be particularly hot styles, but you must have felt... recent CONCEPTS “Zilong Lobster” has outstanding performance. Its price has risen by 500 to 1,000 yuan in just over a week after its release, which has made many people feel “unexplained”.

The new "Panda" from Staple Pigeon x Nike SB Dunk Low, which was released in the past two days, has reached a new height in both popularity and price through Jeff Staple's own "Amway" and its own thematic nature. It is necessary to know that the NTWRK App, which was the first to open for sale, was forced to temporarily cancel the sale because of the attack by the “shoe-robbing robot”. In the Shanghai store WZK, the number of draws on the spot was as many as 1,500.

It is precisely because of the continuous release of new works, and the recent topical growth, the saying that "SB Dunk is about to return" has been heard in recent times. After all, this pair of shoes was once a generation of memories. But what's important is that in the current market environment, SB Dunk really wants to return to its former glorious position. Just by Nike's current strategy, it may not be as simple as everyone said...

Sneakerhead's return to SB Dunk, what do you think?

Speaking of this problem, I found two Sneakerheads and asked them a few questions about the return of SB Dunk. One of them has experienced the glory days of SB Dunk and has loved it for many years, while the other is a senior toehead of the younger generation. After meeting with two characters who have experienced different eras and cultural environments, We may be able to see some answers from it:


SB Dunk lovers

In your opinion, what is special about SB Dunk compared to other shoes? After all, it is a shoe with a deep cultural heritage.

VKD: What is special is that it is a sneaker designed for skateboarding. It is more niche than other shoes, and the street feels more intense.

If Nike really wants SB Dunk to “return”, what do you think?

VKD: There must be two aspects of good and bad. The good place is to let more new generations of sneakers know this "veteran", perhaps in Nike's plan, to bring us some new designs. The bad side is that because shoes are more concerned, the relatively old design may increase in price and the cost of purchase will increase.

For many people, SB Dunk is a “pure land” in the sneaker culture, which relatively better preserves the cultural level. Do you think it will become a brand to “meet” in order to cater to consumers and the market? The victim of "commercialization"?

VKD: It is undoubted that it caters to consumers. "Golden Age" The design of those colors is also in order to cater to consumers, but with the changes in the overall environment, consumers are not the same thing. At that time, in addition to making up for the vacancies in the Nike skateboarding footwear category, SB Dunk also used resources to give fans, shops, and artists a different theme in cooperation. For example, a child has many ideas and is realized. At this stage, it is difficult to create such a force. Sometimes you think that you want to revive, but you find that it is already the peak.

Nike wants to pick up the same wave of SB Dunk, what are the difficulties?

VKD: As mentioned above, for example, the previous height is too high, and SB Dunk itself is a niche culture. If the public accepts that the price will soar after the release, the index on the paper data is completed, but Those who really love skateboarding on the footsteps of this plan may no longer choose them. I think that, the culture and soul of the shoes themselves may not be there.


Senior sneaker lovers

In your opinion, what is special about SB Dunk compared to other shoes? After all, it is a shoe with a deep cultural heritage.

Delayer: SB Dunk In my opinion, why is it particularly interesting in the eyes of many senior Sneakerheads? It is because of the old environmental experience. At that time, the whole domestic sneaker market was not too large and impetuous, and there was no amount or quality. The signs of more flooding and impurities, and the gradual convergence of street culture, everything is also very fresh, can represent a pure atmosphere in the age of shoes, the difference in style, and the current over-commercial operation of the shoe market has formed More and more vivid contrasts, it is inevitable that everyone will be particularly "thinking of the year". If you use the popular words to describe it, is it real?

If Nike really wants SB Dunk to “return”, what do you think?

Delayer: If the meaning of "return" is equal to "hot", with the current commercial operation and developed communication channels, I feel that no shoes or series can not be "fired". Specifically, it should be said that "return The extent to which it may be described may be more accurate, but I feel that it is difficult to return to that pure age. Even if it is "hot", it is not the feelings of the players. After all, the times are different. In many cases, the meaning of certain things in a certain era cannot be copied. If it can be copied, it means this. The meaning is not too deep.

For many people, SB Dunk is a “pure land” in the sneaker culture, which relatively better preserves the cultural level. Do you think it will become a brand to “meet” in order to cater to consumers and the market? The victim of "commercialization"?

Delayer: There is no absolute objective answer. If speculation in your eyes will only pollute the sneaker culture, then there is nothing that is not a "sacrificial". It is a very hard nuclear view, even before. In the age of this, this phenomenon has already existed. "Sacrifice" may be true for a sneaker player with feelings, "things are rare", "do not want to have the same mark as non-similar people", etc., may be the reason for conflict.

Nike wants to pick up the same wave of SB Dunk, what are the difficulties?

Delayer: As I said just now, maybe I can't get back to the trend of the year. After all, the times are different, and the commercial operation makes the street culture bubble too serious. If you say that you want to set off a short-lived trend, then it should be ok, but there is no special difficulty. Perhaps the biggest difficulty is to let this trend stand the test of time, but you can look at what is now, what are What do you think is ok?

How Nike creates a new sneaker culture with SB Dunk, may be the focus

In the light of the importance of innovation, Nike, in the possession of a classic, wants to use them to remain dominant in today’s highly competitive shoe market. Difficulties, such as the familiar Air Jordan series, Air Max, Air Force, and the SB Dunk we talked about today, the value that can be used is inexhaustible.

The reason why these shoes can be regarded as a classic by Sneakerhead, in addition to their own design and story, the sneaker culture formed by its own is also the most critical factor. To know that in the era when SB Dunk was hot, it was also the period when the domestic sneaker culture was formed. Due to the constraints of consumption level and the Internet, people got information on a pair of sneakers, but they didn’t do it like this. It takes less energy to get started, and it is even easier to get started, so when you pay higher costs (including understanding the cost of information and economic costs) to finally meet your wishes, people give these shoes Additional meaning and stories are more.

Secondly, Nike's diversified color schemes, themes, and accompanying publicity and distribution methods for SB Dunk were all seen by the older generation Sneakerhead. Recall that SB Dunk used to be the most popular classic style, you should Feel this. Compared with the current situation, it may be that the joint and limited shoes are much more flooded than at the time, but because we are in the era of information explosion, we are too often "received" to the news of these endless topics, instead of Will be more active to explore the story behind the shoes, all the choices are pushed to you, there is no need to explore, but at the same time to some extent, the initiative of the desire to advance.

That's why SB Dunk has formed its own sneaker culture and loyal audience in that era, which is especially different from the current YEEZY, THE TEN and other shoes – before being brought to market again. It has accumulated a deep cultural heritage. This is a troublesome and labor-saving thing for Nike to use it again as the main push for the future. After all, compared to the new design, it does not need to be repeatedly promoted, stimulated, and then undergoes a period of fermentation. "In order to penetrate the hearts of the people."

But it also makes Nike face a more difficult problem. After all, the wave of Sneakerhead that loved SB Dunk is no longer young. In the case that the enthusiasm of the SB Dunk has been reduced, it is difficult for them to maintain their responsibilities and pressure. After so many years, Nike has never stopped launching new products for SB Dunk, but most of them are just “small and small”. There is no real propaganda and eye-catching planning, so the group of older Sneakerheads gradually After the reduction, the brand wants to promote the “sentiment” route through the engraving, which may not be too effective for the current generation of consumers, so how to impress the current group of young people may be the key.

But is this really difficult for Nike? Naturally not. After the time has passed, with the rapid and expanding development of the sneaker market and more commercial capital injection and profitability, most people today focus on the price of shoes, "Which shoes to sell?" Can you earn more?", "Is this pair of shoes up or down today?" The topic is the most relevant issue with the toe. Therefore, such a market environment will naturally be affected by the brand. With the joint name, limited quantity, and various marketing methods such as gimmicks and topics, it is easy to get new attention in the market. The recent Staple Pigeon x Nike SB Dunk Low The new "Panda" is not the case?

However, with the rapid development of the Internet, online media and social software, information transmission has become faster. Therefore, the new generation of Sneakerhead will undergo a series of “recommendation” and “Amway” aesthetic training every day, and it is inevitable to have a choice. The feeling of being "taken away."

And the brand is now so fast and the brand launches a variety of joint-name, limited-edition shoes, which will give people a feeling of "fast sales". The heat and the topic are one after another, but it is difficult to put their own With the culture of precipitation, such an environment may not be a good thing for SB Dunk, which has a certain cultural heritage.

Therefore, it is not difficult for Nike to bring SB Dunk to the market only through a series of common methods used in the current shoe marketing, such as replica, joint name, limited edition, topic, etc. You can easily foresee that they can be in the market. Stir-fry to the sky. But at the same time, the cultural connotation that SB Dunk itself has precipitated seems to be “wasted”, as if there was a good piece of chess in the original, but it didn’t work well...

However, after all, the times have changed, we can't insist on the true meaning of “return” defined by Nike in different audiences, cultures, and market environments many years ago, but perhaps some new ways can be used for the younger generation. Sneakheads create something that makes them meaningful after looking back over the years?

For example, in a sense, Air Force 1 and SB Dunk have similar value to a large number of people, and Nike has brought back some classic co-brands in the promotion and marketing of Air Force 1. In addition, it has developed some impressive collaborations with influential people and units of the new era, creating a series of large-scale themed projects similar to the AF-100, and creating a new DIY sneaker trend through these shoes. It is much more profound than a simple engraving. On the other hand, Air Jordan I, in addition to the soaring numbers in the market and the vicious incidents of frequent sales under the line, how many things can really be settled?

Today, the global sneaker secondary market has reached the order of tens of billions of dollars, and the future has an incalculable prospect. But as more capital is injected and become more commercial, people are Romwe Coupon Code gradually ignoring the part of the sneaker culture that originated from the street.

Speaking of SB Dunk, we certainly expect Nike to continue its glory to this day, but whether this classic shoe can “return” success, it is not enough to judge the sales, the topic, the speculative price alone. In different eras and environments, how can brands strive to create a sneaker culture for SB Dunk that fits the new generation of Sneakerhead, and how to protect it.

Sports New Retail Revolution

The remaining temperature of this year's "Double 11" has not cooled down completely, and consumers are still immersed in the fun of crazy buying. With the increasing demand for mass fitness, sports-related products Dacoz have become the focus of competition for online and offline distributors. Through the heat of shopping carnival, sporting goods ushered in a wave of consumer boom.

- data talking -

In 2009, Tmall was also called Taobao Mall, and on November 11 it was just a synonym for “Single Day”.

That year's double 11, sales of only 52 million, only 27 participating brands, but that year's humble promotion, but in a few years changed the Chinese people's consumption behavior, lifestyle and business marketing strategy And announced the birth of a new retail model. Every ring on the ecological chain of merchants, logistics, and consumers has changed due to the double 11.

9 years later, at 11:00 on November 11, 2018, the total turnover of Tmall double 11 exceeded 1 billion yuan; 2 minutes and 05 seconds, the total turnover of 2018 Tmall double 11 exceeded 10 billion yuan; In 03 seconds, the turnover reached 50 billion. It took 40 minutes and 12 seconds to achieve this result last year. In 1 hour and 59 seconds, the turnover exceeded 70 billion; 1 hour and 14 minutes, the turnover exceeded 90 billion, the turnover in 107 minutes exceeded 100 billion yuan, and the sales of 100 billion yuan last year took 540 minutes!

According to incomplete statistics, as of 0:30 on the 11th, the turnover of 30 brands of Tmall exceeded 100 million yuan.

With the help of the e-commerce platform, the online sales revenue of domestic sports brands has soared. Li Ning reported in the 2018 semi-annual report that the company's e-commerce channel revenue has maintained a high growth rate for many years. As of June 30, 2018, Xtep Online's revenue accounted for more than 20% of the Group's total revenue.

Anta, the first local sports brand in China, reported in the first half of 2018 that thanks to the rapid development of the company's online and offline business, the sales performance of other brands of the Group achieved brilliant results, and the company's revenue increased by 44.1%.

It can be said that the Internet e-commerce has only used the marginal figures to reach the center of the stage in less than 10 years, and now it is driving the integration of online and offline with the attitude of new retail leaders, promoting this virtual economy to new entities. Cognitive change in the economy and the new digital economy.

With the maturity of domestic economic development, China's sports industry has become another slogan after the mobile Internet, and the sports industry itself has a scale of nearly 2 trillion. The "Internet +" strategy has also made this round of sports industry grow. With obvious internet properties.

But now looking back, the entire industry was impetuous. Some sports companies have repeatedly raised funds, the right to broadcast broadcasts to the sky, and companies have invested in football or basketball clubs. This has brought a lot of pressure on the market.

Later facts also proved that the capital at that time was crazy and irrational.

Many people say that the sports industry has been cold in the past two years, but in fact, from the general trend of the whole industry, sports retail and sports services are growing substantially. For example, Anta, Li Ning, and many fitness apps have developed very well.

This shows that we are only biased in some investment directions.

When the mobile Internet dividend is coming to an end and the new outbreak trend is still unclear, the consumer-grade project with a relatively profitable model and cash flow has ushered in a major outbreak.

The era of new mass consumption has arrived. At the time of the macroeconomic downturn and the growth of GDP into the “6th era”, consumption has become an important driving factor for the economy. The spending power of the new sports crowd reflects the early stage of Internet venture capital investment, and the new retail of “consumption upgrade” has become the new favorite of capital.

Data from the Ethernet platform shows that the proportion of sports projects, the proportion of investors' attention, and the growth of roadshows are obvious (especially the proportion of roadshows, the growth rate of Q3 began to increase significantly last year). The capital attention of sports projects has risen sharply, and new entrepreneurial projects are also emerging, showing a pattern of both supply and demand.

Specific to the field of subdivision, it has the following characteristics:

In the first half of last year, the application of sports and fitness applications was popular. Later, in order to open the market, the selection started from the vertical crowd. The development of sports events, e-sports and other fields gave birth to the analysis and forecasting requirements of the event data. The field of sports events appeared based on data. The platform for extension; the IP threshold of the hot event is high, and the entrepreneurs are planning to lay out amateur and niche IP, and entrepreneurs in this field still have room to dig.

Although the individual feels different, on the whole, the Chinese sports consumption market undergoing profound changes carries people's yearning for a better life. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, in July this year, the China Consumer Confidence Index was 119.7, 12.6 points higher than the average since 2012, and again close to the high of 120.0.

In short, the arrival of sports in the new year, driven by policy, capital and consumer demand, the new sports industry will usher in a period of rapid development in the next decade, and will also contribute to the development of the Internet sports industry. Internet + sports still have a broad space.

- Online and offline from opposition to integration -

The data show that the five-year compound annual growth rate of output value and added value of China's sports industry in 2012-2016 is 18.94% and 19.87%, respectively, much higher than the GDP growth rate during the same period. In 2017, the total size of the sports industry exceeded RMB 2.1 trillion, with an added value of RMB 712.5 billion.

According to the analysis of the China Industrial Research Institute, under the guidance of the strong support of the national policy, it is expected that by 2020, the total output value of the sports industry in the Mainland will successfully achieve the goal of breaking through 3 trillion yuan. By 2022, the scale of the sports industry will further exceed 3.5 trillion yuan. The value added of the renminbi will also reach 1.14 trillion yuan.

In such an attractive market, major brands are naturally eagerly awaited.

Nike, Adidas and other first-line sports brands usually go to the mall to encounter 70% off, 75 percent is rare, but in front of the double 11, the big card also put down a cold gesture.

In the Tmall platform, Nike's audience was as low as 50%. Adidas started from 99 yuan. Hummer said that he "more than 50% off". The domestic brands are bigger and they have released big moves. For example: Anta hit the "upper half price", Li Ning launched "grab the second half price" and other activities.

Entering the major brand product pages, I found that these promotional slogans are really not virtual, saying that it is as low as 50%. Explosive models of running shoes and sportswear are basically set at 50%, and there are many "small actions" to attract consumers. Quick shots.

In the segmentation category of sports shoes and apparel, the online promotion of outdoor sportswear came earlier.

In addition to launching a strong preferential policy on the Tmall platform, in some shopping software that sells genuine and special items, outdoor brands such as Pathfinders and Wolf Claws began to reduce sales in late October.

Nowadays, the mountaineering ski season is welcome. Jackets, warm hiking shoes, fleece jackets and ski gloves are also selling well. With the help of new retail, some have become explosive.

New retail is a new business model, not just an e-commerce platform, and new retail is not equal to e-commerce. It is only on the data that the e-commerce retail business has a slight advantage, but it does not mean that the e-commerce ship can get to the other side smoothly.

If you look closely at this year's trend, it is not difficult to find out the offline promotion under the new retail thinking, and do not lose online e-commerce. Because the enthusiasm of the double 11 everyone shopping is not a day, but to continue for a while.

From this year's point of view, the sports brand's offline double 11 strength, compared to the online promotion time card to the 11th zero point, the offline promotion time front pulled longer.

Many first-line sports brands have started to promote in the mall before the double 11. A forum netizen "Danggui" posted a message to collect the promotion of local shopping malls. For a time, many netizens from all over the country came out to promote local shopping malls.

"Beijing Sanlitun Adidas, the original price of 800 yuan cross-band hot small white shoes now only sell 365 yuan."

"Nanjing Dayang Department Store, Adidas Clover's shell-head sneakers are only three or four hundred after discounts. Look at the online rules and deposits, and get ready to go off work."

“Hangzhou West Lake Yintai, Adi, Nike are 50% off, 365 members are discounted 10% off.”

"Guangzhou Shawan Liyuan Xintiandi, Nike, Adi, Converse and SKECHERS discount! Nike discounts, break the price, but also enjoy two pieces of 20% off. After Adi price, then enjoy 400 minus 100,700 minus 200, 1000 minus 300. Really cheap, I bought my Amy's shoes for my mom. I bought a pair of trousers (shamrock) and a sweater (shamrock) with all the cashmere, it took more than 700." ......

Deloitte's latest report on “Technology Innovation and Landing Thinking in the Retail Industry” believes that the emergence of new formats and new species stems from the continuous advancement of online and offline integration and the transformation and upgrading of traditional retail enterprises.

Under the new retail ecosystem, these new formats, which combine multi-channel, multi-service, demand- and experience-centric, technology-driven, will continue to have an impact on the retail industry and are expected to be an important attempt to lead the transformation of the retail industry.

It can be seen that compared with the online “paying for the finger, waiting for the goods at home”, shopping at the mall is a bit more troublesome, but because it can be tried on, tried, and the goods can be taken away directly, it also attracts many acute children and likes to go shopping. Friends join the offline double 11 shopping.

Yang Jirui, president of the China Consumer Economics Association, believes that the core of the new retail is to promote the integration process between online and offline, so that the online Internet power and offline store terminals form a true synergy, completing the two in business. The optimization and upgrading of the dimension has promoted the comprehensive transformation from the era of price consumption to the era of value consumption.

It should be said that the sports industry has found a business model that integrates online and offline from the virtual economy Romwe Coupon Code to the real economy. It not only changes the living habits of the public, but also enriches the consumption channels of the target customer groups, which can be more convenient and convenient. consumption.

At present, solving problems through the Internet has been iterated into a habit of young people's thinking. The cluster effect and market problems faced by the new sports retail reform are also testing the wisdom of the operators.

NEW LOOK Closes Chinese Store in the Near Future

"Close the store in China in the near future." This means that the British clothing brand officially announced its withdrawal from the Chinese market.


NEW LOOK announced on its official Weibo: "I sincerely thank you for your continued attention and support to New Look. I am very honored to witness the growth of New Look in China. I regret to announce that we Newchic Coupon will close our location in China in the near future. Shop. From now on, the whole store will be cleared, and non-quality problems will not be refunded."


New Look said that the 120 stores involved in the Chinese market will be closed this year and it is expected that 730 employees will face unemployment. It is understood that many local LO LOOK stores have started the clearance sale in November, and even some of the NEW LOOK stores have been closed. The discounts of other stores that are still open are very large, and some stores have a discount of 3 fold.


NEW LOOK entered China for the first time in 2014 and expanded rapidly with 30 stores per year. By 2016, Chinese stores have exceeded 100. NEW LOOK has proposed the “Open 500 stores in three years” program. By the middle of this year, New Look announced the termination of its brand expansion in China, and said it has re-examined its development strategy in China and Zaful Coupons suspended plans to open 500 physical stores.

In addition to the difficult time in the Chinese market, New Look itself is also in debt. Since 2017, New Look has been suffering from losses. According to the 2017 to 2018 annual report released in the year of NEW LOOK, the performance of NEW LOOK in this year dropped sharply, and the annual loss reached 74.3 million pounds (about 647 million yuan). The decline in earnings analysis was due to the failure of the brand transformation and expansion strategy, especially in the Chinese market. In addition, some analysts said that the blind expansion of the brand in China is also one of the main reasons for the sluggish performance.

Saving On November Promotion Month 2018

It’s time for the November promotion month. Celebrating the promotion month because of Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. They are a great time to get the deals and sales. Many of the merchants grasp the time push out discounts on these especial festivals. Besides, the customer would able to warm the wardrobe in this winter season.

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Thanksgiving Day

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Source: http://www.dacoz.com/blog/saving-on-november-promotion-month-2018.html

American Designer Brand Or Financial Crisis

The financial situation of the American designer brand Proenza Schouler may have problems. The company's investors are seeking to withdraw. The brand has already started a dialogue with several potential investors, and new investors may acquire all the shares of the original shareholders.


Founded in New York in 2002 by designer Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, the women's brand Proenza Schouler is a high-profile designer brand in the fashion world. In 2004, it won the CFDA/CFDA/Vogue CFDA/ The Vogue Fashion Fund Awards have won five CFDA fashion awards and three times the annual women's designer brand nomination. Proenza Schouler's PS1 handbag was once a popular it bag.


At present, Proenza Schouler's shareholders include founders and designers McCollough and Hernandez, as well as private equity firm Castanea Partners, who bought the small equity in 2015, Andrew Rosen, CEO of Theory, and CEO of Irving Place, a private shareholder company. Officer John Howard.


Although the design of the Proenza Schouler brand has been well received in the fashion circle, it is said that the Newchic Coupon shareholders of Proenza Schouler have been disappointed with the brand, because the development of the company does not match the designer's good reputation in the industry, and it is now showing signs of decline.

In fact, news about Proenza Schouler's investment has been circulating in the fashion industry for a few rounds, but investors have been much more positive about the brand a few years ago. A report in the 2015 New York Times compared Proenza Schouler to the long-time pursuit of investors, because the brand is full of potential, young (only 13 years old), and has an excellent reputation in the fashion field. It is rumored that the luxury goods giant LVMH Group also intends to acquire the brand, but later the brand and Castanea reached a deal.


In the past three years, this darling of the once-investor seems to be in trouble. According to sources, Proenza Schouler’s expenses have lost control and are now in poor financial condition and tight cash flow. The brand has now closed stores on Madison Avenue in New York, and in September 2018 moved the fashion show from Paris back to New York.


Proenza Schouler's recent frustration may be related to the brand's failure to keep up with the era's distribution model, and the brand is still focusing on the traditional wholesale model, and many other brands have shifted their focus to direct store sales or to face consumers. Direct-to-consumer. In addition, Proenza Schouler is neither part of the big luxury group, can't enjoy the good resources brought by the group operation, and can not enjoy the fan dividend like the brand that is ignited by social media. This fashion brand, which still looks a bit traditional, seems to be getting harder and harder to meet investor expectations.


Proenza Schouler is also experimenting with other possibilities beyond fashion. In 2015, it signed a long-term licensing agreement with L'Oreal to co-produce and develop the premium perfume business, and officially launched its first fragrance at the beginning of this year. This fall, the product re-branded and Lancome launched a limited-edition beauty collection.


Although Proenza Schouler began experimenting with the money-making beauty business in recent years, the brand's promotion in the beauty and perfume business is still very slow, and now the brand's development focus is still on the company's fastest growing footwear business.


As of press time, Proenza Schouler has not yet responded to his request for investors.


Off-White is Named the World's Hottest Brand by Lyst

Virgil Abloh's streetwear brand Off-White is the "explosion" of today's fashion industry, especially Abloh became Louis Vuitton's menswear director last year, adding another fire to the brand's popularity.

On October 24th, fashion search engine Lyst announced the third quarter of the world's top ten most popular fashion brands and products list.

In the new list, Off-White made its debut for the first time, and in the past year, the ranking climbed 33 places. And in the 20 products Dacoz on the hottest product list, Off-White also took up three seats.

This is not too surprising. In the last quarter of the Lyst Index, Off-White is already second.

The Lyst Index list has received much attention. The selection criteria are such that Lyst ranks on a monthly basis based on the search volume of 12,000 designers and stores by more than 5 million consumers.

The dimensions of Lyst Index analysis include consumer online shopping behavior, Google search, Lyst page browsing and search, wish list creation, and order data.

It is worth noting that this report is the first time that Lyst has added social media as a source of data. Lyst counts data on brand and product mentions and user engagement on social media over the past three months.

For Off-White, the newly added selection dimension actually helps it improve its ranking. Off-White has gained a lot of attention in the past year with IKEA, Nike, Moncler and other brands, while the owner, Virgil Abloh, has 2 million Instagram users.

In addition to the cooperative sports shoe series The Ten, Virgil Abloh also collaborated with Nike to design the Queen Collection series for Serena. The cooperation with Virgil Abloh may also help Nike climb 4 places and enter the fourth place.

But these joint collaborations may not be as eye-catching as the first show of Virgil Abloh's Louis Vuitton in June. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Rihanna, A$AP Rocky, Naomi Campbell, Takashi Murakami, etc., all have more than 200 million social media fans.

Other brands on the list benefit from joint cooperation. For example, Fendi climbed the rankings with the power of working with Fila, and Vetements entered the top ten this time due to its partnership with Reebok. Versace's strong performance in the last quarter due to cooperation with Kith did not enter the list this quarter.

Just last Thursday, American fashion brand Ralph Lauren also announced that it will cooperate with the British streetwear brand Palace. Palace is the British skateboard brand founded by the skater Lev Tanju in 2014. Although young, it is always compared with the street brand's big brother supreme. Every time a new product is released, it is hard to find. Ralph Lauren closed its flagship store on Fifth Avenue in the US last year. This time, choosing to work with streetwear is a way to gain more and more young consumers.

Off-White's ranking this time can be said that the volume of sound on social media once again has an impact on brand value.

This season's hottest sneakers are also Off-White x Nike's co-branded series The Ten: Air Presto.

The black version was released on July 27 and the white version was released on August 3. These shoes attracted the attention Newchic Coupon of social networks and were mentioned more than 252,000 times. However, due to the limited supply that is difficult to meet the huge increase in search demand, only a few customers managed to get a pair.

According to StockX, Air Presto's average resale price is currently 450% higher than the original sales price.

Since the beginning of the year, Nike has jumped 16 places. The brand is planning to cooperate with Alyx including Off-White and Kim Jones of Dior. There is no doubt that NIke is already a fashion brand.

In the quarter, Gucci, Balenciaga, Nike and Prada are the top five brands, and Prada and Yeezy each climbed five places. In addition, thanks to the World Cup, football shirts have become fashionable items, entering the list for the first time.

LVMH Group's Third Quarter Results are Expected

When the luxury goods industry is worried about whether the Chinese market slows down and thus affects the global market, the luxury goods giant LVMH Group's good performance in the third quarter of the 2018 fiscal year passed some positive signals.


The LVMH Group, which owns luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Celine, Givenchy, Bulgari, released its third-quarter results on October 9, local time. The best-performing fashion and leather goods division revenue increased 14% year-on-year to 4.46 billion euros. Under its leadership, the group's revenue increased by 10% year-on-year to 11.4 billion euros. In the nine months ended September 30, the LVMH Group recorded a total revenue of 33.1 billion euros.


According to the announcement issued by the LVMH Group, the good performance of the fashion and leather goods department is still driven by the most profitable Louis Vuitton. The group stressed that the brand's women's creative director Nicolas Ghesquière and men's creative director Virgil Abloh led Louis Vuitton's latest show to get a great response. At the same time, Christian Dior, which LVMH acquired last year, also strongly promoted the Group's revenue growth. Dior's recent strong return to the saddle bag also played an important role.


Celine's latest creative director, Hedi Slimane's debut during the Paris Fashion Week, is one of the hottest topics in the fashion world. The LVMH Group said in the announcement that "Celine's fashion show has been a Newchic Coupon great success and has produced a huge response."


Rogerio Fujimori, an analyst at RBC Capital Markets, said in a research report that the LVMH Group's third-quarter results were "reasonable." “Overall, this is another strong quarter for the LVMH Group, thanks to Louis Vuitton and Dior for the outstanding performance of the fashion and leather goods division,” Fujimori wrote in the report.


It is worth mentioning that China's luxury consumer market currently accounts for one-third of the global luxury goods market. Changes in the Chinese market have closely affected the global luxury market. Due to concerns about the slowdown in the Chinese market, LVMH Group's share price fell 3.7% on October 4, and the shares of Gucci's parent companies such as Kaiyun Group and Burberry of France fell.


The LVMH Group said in the announcement: "In the context of uncertain geopolitics and monetary policy, the LVMH Group will remain cautious and the Group will rely on the strength of its brand and talent team to further expand its leadership in the global luxury market in 2018. ."

Burberry's New Designer Riccardo Tisci's Safety Card

The insistence of the British on national culture and even stubbornness determined that the luxury brand Burberry will never give up its brand genes. The arrival of Italian designer Riccardo Tisci seems to be unable to Newchic Coupon make a fuss about this.


Riccardo Tisci's highly anticipated Burberry debut was held in London yesterday. The 2018 September collection was inspired by the brand's 162-year history archive, focusing on the tribute to the Burberry heritage. Surprisingly, the new series is not as street-like as expected. The series release is divided into three parts, Redefined, Relaxed, and Evening.


Opening with a redefinition, the new Burberry has released a large number of classic feminine styles such as silk shirts, leather skirts, dresses, pointed high heels, etc., while continuing the brand's consistent khaki tone and signature trench coat style. One of the wide-waisted windbreakers with a prominent waistline became the latest representative work of Riccardo Tisci. In addition, Riccardo Tisci injects a variety of animal lines, including leopard prints, zebra prints, and even the ingenious sika deer pattern into Burberry's design language. The brand's classic plaid is transformed into vertical stripes, reinforcing the brand identity while creating freshness.


Next, the fashions presented in the series began to become more slack, with casual fashion items such as printed sweaters and stitched shirts. But unlike the street trends that people talk about today, Riccardo Tisci incorporates more punk elements, including various cutouts and asymmetrical cuts. One of the deer jackets is printed with the British rock band Sex Pistols lyrics "Why are they killing? Dead deer bambi?". The men's printed print stitching shirt and zip windbreaker also respond to the theme of Relaxed. The finishing evening dress is short and succinct. It is easy to see that Riccardo Tisci, who was good at evening dress design, is opening up a new category for Burberry, which is not very good at evening wear.


It is worth noting that Riccardo Tisci kept the trend of the trend in a very restrained proportion in the new series. In an interview after the show, he said that the new Burberry "for both parents and the younger generation", the core is still interpreting the "mix of British lifestyle."


Whether it is the English countryside represented by the cow print, the model uses a chain to slash the umbrella behind it, the Shakespeare quote printed on the clothes, the British band Massive Attack on the show, or the punk culture, the new Burberry brought by Riccardo Tisci. Emphasizes the brand's British heritage. Vanessa Friedman, fashion director of The New York Times, rated the collection "the 50th ash of the British bourgeoisie."


Riccardo Tisci also admitted in an interview after the show that “everyone is talking about street trends, and street trends are indeed one of the most important trends, but people have forgotten the exquisite tailoring of Savile Row in the UK.”


In fact, Riccardo Tisci has clearly conveyed its intention to return to the classics and revive the Burberry fashion house through the 2019 early spring series “B Classic” advertising album. In this new series named “Classic”, Representative elements such as lines, windbreakers, and cloaks continue to appear, with only a slight adjustment in the width of the plaid.


The punk elements in the September 2018 series also have early signs. Just two months after the release of the "B Classic" series, Riccardo Tisci announced that it will work with British designer Vivienne Westwood. It is reported that Vivienne Westwood will reshape her legendary classic design in this cooperation, and the series is expected to be officially launched in December. Riccardo Tisci said on his Instagram, “Vivienne Westwood is one of the designers who influenced his way to design, and her bold and rebellious punk shape created a unique British fashion style.”


But for the safety card that Riccardo Tisci played, the comments after the show were mixed.


Well-known fashion commentators, including Vanessa Friedman, have expressed a neutral view, Vanessa Friedman criticized. “Riccardo Tisci's new collection doesn't bring unexpected, impactful clothes that make you sit in the seat. The clothes that give you shock and joy. Although the GeekBuying Coupons brand needs to continue the legacy, it is a bad start to playing a safety card. The details of the brand adjustment are only the change of the check and the bold logo. Big bets, maybe this is understandable. But under the suppression of street culture today, people can't help but eagerly await the arrival of a real storm.


It is worth noting that this big show did not invite stars, or intended to make people pay more attention to the new series itself. Some analysts believe that the men's wear is better than the women's wear, and the handbags are too small in the whole show. The main style is only the Belt Bag, which adds to the shortcomings that Burberry can make up for the lack of core handbags. Uncertainty, especially in the Chinese market, is currently one of the most expensive luxury brands in China.


In the past two months, Riccardo Tisci's Burberry show and Hedi Slimane's upcoming new Celine debut show will be the most important industry events of the season, which has drawn close attention from the industry. One has made the Givenchy Gothic image deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and one has subverted Dior Homme and Yves Saint Laurent in a distinct personal style. Two star creative directors with rich experience and deep understanding of the fashion industry are standing at the same time. At the beginning of the new cycle, a new round of contests will be launched.


The competition for public attention has begun before the show. Burberry and Celine have changed their brand logos. Although the latter moves late, Hedi Slimane has successfully incited consumer sentiment and gained great results through Lady Gaga's subversive measures such as exposing the first handbag and emptying the brand's social media history. attention.


Burberry's series of innovations are more like the planned gradual progress that Riccardo Tisci led after taking office in March. The rejuvenation of marketing has always been the advantage of Burberry. Before the show, the brand has done warm-up work on social media. The first step is to announce the change of the brand logo and the release of the new Thomas Burberry print, followed by the most important September issue every year. A large-scale tiled new print advertisement was published. Subsequently, Burberry covered new prints on outdoor billboards, art installations, buses and buildings around the world, including the large Thomas Burberry print bear installation at Shanghai Taiping Lake Park. The appearance of the Burberry flagship store on Regent Street in the UK has also been renewed. Of course, there is only one purpose to create such a dazzling look and feel, and constantly strengthen the memory of consumers.


Earlier, Burberry had a look-and-see, and the brand borrowed from the street fashion brand. It launched a logo T-shirt with a new TB logo. However, the marketing significance of this initiative seems to be greater than the purpose of sales. Before Riccardo Tisci fully presented the new Burberry, young people would still hesitate to pay for a simple 4000 t-shirt. After all, what influences their consumption decisions is whether the new Burberry is cool enough to be fresh.


In response to this year's fur-free theme of London Fashion Week, Burberry also announced that Riccardo Tisci will no longer burn inventories and no longer use fur. This move not only eliminates the negative impact of the earlier Burberry incineration inventory, but also prevents the instability of the previous season's animal protection organization PETA demonstrations outside the show, while making the brand more in line with current consumer values.


After sweeping the obstacles and making a foothold, Burberry's new image has already begun to take shape. From this point of view, the contemporary brand logic of the first brand and the post-product is in the new Burberry. However, Riccardo Tisci's safety card seems to have insufficient stamina, which has weakened the brand's earlier pace.

In the cumbersome message conveyed Soufeel Coupons by the September 2018 series, there is still some confusion about where Burberry will go. The so-called "mix of British lifestyles" has returned to the fascinating sophistication of fashion itself, but the cruel fact of the current industry is that people selectively block out the information that needs to be brainstormed and are more willing to receive clear and clear signals. 


Now, Riccardo Tisci has only opened its head, and it will still be difficult in the future. The clearer brand image will continue to be Burberry's next important challenge.

After the release of the new Burberry, the group's share price rose nearly 2% today, as of the time the manuscript recorded a growth of 1% to 21.3 pounds per share, the market value of about 8.7 billion pounds.


US HUF Find a Balance Between Scale Expansion and Gene Inheritance

Eddie Miyoshi, the new CEO of the US street fashion brand HUF Worldwide, LLC ("HUF"), was interviewed for the first time less than two weeks after taking office, indicating the latest strategy for HUF to transform into a high-end, classic brand in the future.


On August 15, HUF announced the Newchic Coupon appointment of Eddie Miyoshi as its new CEO. Eddie Miyoshi is a veteran with many years of experience in the sportswear industry. Previously, Eddie Miyoshi worked for more than 20 years at Volcom, a California outdoor sports brand owned by Kaiyun Group. At first, Eddie Miyoshi worked at Volcom's Japanese distributor and was promoted by Volcom's founder, Richard Wolcott. He was responsible for the establishment of Volcom's international division and Volcom's management in Japan, which was established in other parts of Asia, Latin America, Dubai and Israel. The team. In 2011, Eddie Miyoshi was appointed President of Volcom Japan and also served as Volcom Global Culture Director.


The birth of HUF dates back to 1992, and founder Keith Hufnagel is a skateboarder who sees skateboarding as a way of life. Following this enthusiasm, he moved to New York to San Francisco and soon became a professional skater. During this time, he traveled to Europe and Asia with Supreme's skateboard team and experienced different cultural backgrounds from around the world.


In 2002, Keith Hufnagel returned to San Francisco. Inspired by the “do-it-yourself” approach to skateboarding, Keith Hufnagel opened a small boutique called HUF in the community, hoping to bring together all the famous skateboarding, streetwear and sneaker brands. As the popularity increased, they began to produce their own brand of clothing, and quickly evolved into a complete series, from which HUF was officially born.

In October 2014, San Francisco Private Equity Fund Altamont Capital Partners invested in HUF, and the HUF after the investment continued to operate independently. Keith Hufnagel said at the time that the investment in Altamont Capital Partners was mainly for the long-term growth of the brand and the introduction of partners to help the brand's infrastructure.


Last November, Japanese clothing group TSI Holdings acquired a 90% stake in HUF from Altamont Capital for $63 million.


Scale expansion is the first priority


“HUF has the elements to change the rules of the skateboarding and streetwear industry. It has a rich brand culture and can be transformed into a high-end classic brand,” Eddie Miyoshi said confidently.


“When I was working at Volcom, I saw the global influence of streetwear. As more and more street fashion brands get attention, many Western brands have exerted great influence in Japan, Korea and China. Eddie Miyoshi explained further.


Eddie Miyoshi believes that the first step in the transition to a high-end brand is the high demand for brand infrastructure, including focusing on improving product quality to ensure high price rationality, expanding distribution and improving brand operations. He revealed that HUF will prepare for improved brand infrastructure for the rest of the year, and will add more stores in San Francisco, Brooklyn, Chicago, Atlanta and West Los Angeles by 2019.


In addition to the US domestic market, Eddie Miyoshi also plans to lead HUF to expand the international market. The first step was to first enter the Japanese market and then use Japan as a platform to reach customers in other Asian markets for broader expansion.


Although HUF will pay more attention to the direct store business in the future, Eddie Miyoshi said that the wholesale Soufeel Coupons business is still very important to HUF. At present, HUF's retail retail customers include: Zumiez, PacSun, Urban Outfitters and other chain fashion retailers and skateboarding retailers such as Active Ride Shop, Val Surf, Program Skate, and Sound.


Stick to the brand gene


HUF has always focused on young consumers from 18 to 26 years old. Eddie Miyoshi revealed that this target group positioning will continue in the future and will not change as the brand positioning shifts to higher end.


In addition to the need for expansion in scale, Eddie Miyoshi also believes that “HUF needs to lay a strong foundation for its own brand culture, not just to promote brand influence through hype.”


Talking about the current challenges facing the extreme sports industry, Eddie Miyoshi's attitude is not optimistic: "Now the extreme sports market is weak because

skateboarding brands are beginning to separate from street fashion. Skateboarding is not just a sport, it is also a way of life. Today, The tide brand gradually evolved to simply print the brand logo on the clothing, and did not convey the story behind the brand's culture and brand to young consumers. Young people can't feel the same way of the skateboarding lifestyle. So we have to Establish a strong brand culture foundation to eliminate the existing weakness in the industry."


Find a balance between "scale expansion" and "gene inheritance"


In the current situation of cooperation between luxury goods and street fashion brands, Eddie Miyoshi said that HUF has not yet cooperated with luxury brands.


Eddie Miyoshi pointed out that as a "small and beautiful" tide brand, if HUF wants to expand its scale and want to maintain the brand's original skateboarding culture, it must find a balance between the two. “It’s a cool thing to have a lasting influence among young people. It’s a cool thing to start a street culture with a high-end classic brand, but the first thing a brand like HUF has to do is to take the lead in the streetwear market. Since then, HUF Working GeekBuying Coupons with luxury goods at a suitable point in time may be beneficial to my own development. I hope that after getting a certain grade, let the luxury brands take the initiative to come and cooperate with us,” explains Eddie Miyoshi.


Eddie Miyoshi also mentioned that HUF is not yet ready to enter large department stores such as Macy's (Mexico) and Nordstrom: "There are huge growth bubbles in these department stores, and discount stores like Marshalls and TJMaxx are already full. There are many street fashion products. The extreme sports market is now oversaturated, and the products produced by each brand are the same. Consumers are no longer excited about the extreme sports market."


The ultimate goal of Eddie Miyoshi is to preserve HUF as a classic brand that allows the children of existing employees of the brand to work while retaining the roots of the brand.

Fast fashion Gap Group's Latest Quarterly Report is not Satisfactory

US apparel retailer and casual fashion giant Gap Group announced its core financial data for the second quarter of FY18 on August 23. Net sales and net profit both increased, comparable to store sales for seven consecutive quarters. However, because the comparable store sales of the group's eponymous Shein Coupons brand Gap fell more than analysts' expectations, Gap's share price fell nearly 7% after the financial report. Before the deadline for publication, Gap's share price closed at $30.67 per share on August 29.

As of the second quarter of August 4, 2018, the core financial data of the Gap Group is as follows:

Net sales increased 8% year-on-year to $4.1 billion, higher than analysts' expectations of $4.01 billion

Gross profit increased by 10% year-on-year to US$1.63 billion

Gross profit margin increased by 90 basis points year-on-year to 39.8%

Net profit was $297 million, compared to $271 million in the same period last year. Diluted earnings per share were $0.76, compared to $0.58 in the same period last year.

Comparable store sales increased by 2% year-on-year

By brand:

Old Navy: Comparable store sales increased 5% year-on-year, compared with 5% growth in the same period last year

Banana Republic: comparable store sales increased 2% year-on-year, down 5% in the same period last year

Gap: Comparable store sales fell 5% year-on-year, down 1% in the same period last year, exceeding analysts

During the quarter, the company repurchased 3.2 million shares at a price of $100 million, with 385 million shares outstanding by the end of the second quarter.

Art Peck, President and CEO of Gap Group, said: “We achieved comparable store-to-store sales growth for the seventh DressLily Promo Code consecutive quarter, thanks to Old Navy's brand strength.”

Teri List-Stoll, executive vice president and chief financial officer of Gap Group, said: “The results in the second quarter were basically in line with expectations. We are satisfied with the achievements of the Banana Republic reform, and increasing productivity has provided the company with more funds to promote differentiation. And continue to grow."

The Gap Group reiterated its full year of FY 2018:

Diluted earnings per share between $2.55 and $2.70

Same store comparable sales will be flat or slightly higher

About $100 million worth of stocks Zaful Coupon Code are repurchased quarterly in FY 2018

As of the end of the second quarter, the Gap Group had 3,626 stores in 43 countries, of which 3,187 were operated by the company.