Is the Nike SB Dunk Series “Returning”?

I believe you should also feel that, from the past 2018, Nike has begun to launch some new works for SB Dunk, such as Voucher Codes the earlier "black pigeon", MEDICOM TOY joint name, Diamond Supply Co. joint name, and near paragraph Time for the "Purple Lobster" and the new "Panda" with Staple and so on.

These can be said to be important joint names of the SB Dunk series that have been talked about by people. However, according to the standards of the current sneaker market, the first few pairs may not be particularly hot styles, but you must have felt... recent CONCEPTS “Zilong Lobster” has outstanding performance. Its price has risen by 500 to 1,000 yuan in just over a week after its release, which has made many people feel “unexplained”.

The new "Panda" from Staple Pigeon x Nike SB Dunk Low, which was released in the past two days, has reached a new height in both popularity and price through Jeff Staple's own "Amway" and its own thematic nature. It is necessary to know that the NTWRK App, which was the first to open for sale, was forced to temporarily cancel the sale because of the attack by the “shoe-robbing robot”. In the Shanghai store WZK, the number of draws on the spot was as many as 1,500.

It is precisely because of the continuous release of new works, and the recent topical growth, the saying that "SB Dunk is about to return" has been heard in recent times. After all, this pair of shoes was once a generation of memories. But what's important is that in the current market environment, SB Dunk really wants to return to its former glorious position. Just by Nike's current strategy, it may not be as simple as everyone said...

Sneakerhead's return to SB Dunk, what do you think?

Speaking of this problem, I found two Sneakerheads and asked them a few questions about the return of SB Dunk. One of them has experienced the glory days of SB Dunk and has loved it for many years, while the other is a senior toehead of the younger generation. After meeting with two characters who have experienced different eras and cultural environments, We may be able to see some answers from it:


SB Dunk lovers

In your opinion, what is special about SB Dunk compared to other shoes? After all, it is a shoe with a deep cultural heritage.

VKD: What is special is that it is a sneaker designed for skateboarding. It is more niche than other shoes, and the street feels more intense.

If Nike really wants SB Dunk to “return”, what do you think?

VKD: There must be two aspects of good and bad. The good place is to let more new generations of sneakers know this "veteran", perhaps in Nike's plan, to bring us some new designs. The bad side is that because shoes are more concerned, the relatively old design may increase in price and the cost of purchase will increase.

For many people, SB Dunk is a “pure land” in the sneaker culture, which relatively better preserves the cultural level. Do you think it will become a brand to “meet” in order to cater to consumers and the market? The victim of "commercialization"?

VKD: It is undoubted that it caters to consumers. "Golden Age" The design of those colors is also in order to cater to consumers, but with the changes in the overall environment, consumers are not the same thing. At that time, in addition to making up for the vacancies in the Nike skateboarding footwear category, SB Dunk also used resources to give fans, shops, and artists a different theme in cooperation. For example, a child has many ideas and is realized. At this stage, it is difficult to create such a force. Sometimes you think that you want to revive, but you find that it is already the peak.

Nike wants to pick up the same wave of SB Dunk, what are the difficulties?

VKD: As mentioned above, for example, the previous height is too high, and SB Dunk itself is a niche culture. If the public accepts that the price will soar after the release, the index on the paper data is completed, but Those who really love skateboarding on the footsteps of this plan may no longer choose them. I think that, the culture and soul of the shoes themselves may not be there.


Senior sneaker lovers

In your opinion, what is special about SB Dunk compared to other shoes? After all, it is a shoe with a deep cultural heritage.

Delayer: SB Dunk In my opinion, why is it particularly interesting in the eyes of many senior Sneakerheads? It is because of the old environmental experience. At that time, the whole domestic sneaker market was not too large and impetuous, and there was no amount or quality. The signs of more flooding and impurities, and the gradual convergence of street culture, everything is also very fresh, can represent a pure atmosphere in the age of shoes, the difference in style, and the current over-commercial operation of the shoe market has formed More and more vivid contrasts, it is inevitable that everyone will be particularly "thinking of the year". If you use the popular words to describe it, is it real?

If Nike really wants SB Dunk to “return”, what do you think?

Delayer: If the meaning of "return" is equal to "hot", with the current commercial operation and developed communication channels, I feel that no shoes or series can not be "fired". Specifically, it should be said that "return The extent to which it may be described may be more accurate, but I feel that it is difficult to return to that pure age. Even if it is "hot", it is not the feelings of the players. After all, the times are different. In many cases, the meaning of certain things in a certain era cannot be copied. If it can be copied, it means this. The meaning is not too deep.

For many people, SB Dunk is a “pure land” in the sneaker culture, which relatively better preserves the cultural level. Do you think it will become a brand to “meet” in order to cater to consumers and the market? The victim of "commercialization"?

Delayer: There is no absolute objective answer. If speculation in your eyes will only pollute the sneaker culture, then there is nothing that is not a "sacrificial". It is a very hard nuclear view, even before. In the age of this, this phenomenon has already existed. "Sacrifice" may be true for a sneaker player with feelings, "things are rare", "do not want to have the same mark as non-similar people", etc., may be the reason for conflict.

Nike wants to pick up the same wave of SB Dunk, what are the difficulties?

Delayer: As I said just now, maybe I can't get back to the trend of the year. After all, the times are different, and the commercial operation makes the street culture bubble too serious. If you say that you want to set off a short-lived trend, then it should be ok, but there is no special difficulty. Perhaps the biggest difficulty is to let this trend stand the test of time, but you can look at what is now, what are What do you think is ok?

How Nike creates a new sneaker culture with SB Dunk, may be the focus

In the light of the importance of innovation, Nike, in the possession of a classic, wants to use them to remain dominant in today’s highly competitive shoe market. Difficulties, such as the familiar Air Jordan series, Air Max, Air Force, and the SB Dunk we talked about today, the value that can be used is inexhaustible.

The reason why these shoes can be regarded as a classic by Sneakerhead, in addition to their own design and story, the sneaker culture formed by its own is also the most critical factor. To know that in the era when SB Dunk was hot, it was also the period when the domestic sneaker culture was formed. Due to the constraints of consumption level and the Internet, people got information on a pair of sneakers, but they didn’t do it like this. It takes less energy to get started, and it is even easier to get started, so when you pay higher costs (including understanding the cost of information and economic costs) to finally meet your wishes, people give these shoes Additional meaning and stories are more.

Secondly, Nike's diversified color schemes, themes, and accompanying publicity and distribution methods for SB Dunk were all seen by the older generation Sneakerhead. Recall that SB Dunk used to be the most popular classic style, you should Feel this. Compared with the current situation, it may be that the joint and limited shoes are much more flooded than at the time, but because we are in the era of information explosion, we are too often "received" to the news of these endless topics, instead of Will be more active to explore the story behind the shoes, all the choices are pushed to you, there is no need to explore, but at the same time to some extent, the initiative of the desire to advance.

That's why SB Dunk has formed its own sneaker culture and loyal audience in that era, which is especially different from the current YEEZY, THE TEN and other shoes – before being brought to market again. It has accumulated a deep cultural heritage. This is a troublesome and labor-saving thing for Nike to use it again as the main push for the future. After all, compared to the new design, it does not need to be repeatedly promoted, stimulated, and then undergoes a period of fermentation. "In order to penetrate the hearts of the people."

But it also makes Nike face a more difficult problem. After all, the wave of Sneakerhead that loved SB Dunk is no longer young. In the case that the enthusiasm of the SB Dunk has been reduced, it is difficult for them to maintain their responsibilities and pressure. After so many years, Nike has never stopped launching new products for SB Dunk, but most of them are just “small and small”. There is no real propaganda and eye-catching planning, so the group of older Sneakerheads gradually After the reduction, the brand wants to promote the “sentiment” route through the engraving, which may not be too effective for the current generation of consumers, so how to impress the current group of young people may be the key.

But is this really difficult for Nike? Naturally not. After the time has passed, with the rapid and expanding development of the sneaker market and more commercial capital injection and profitability, most people today focus on the price of shoes, "Which shoes to sell?" Can you earn more?", "Is this pair of shoes up or down today?" The topic is the most relevant issue with the toe. Therefore, such a market environment will naturally be affected by the brand. With the joint name, limited quantity, and various marketing methods such as gimmicks and topics, it is easy to get new attention in the market. The recent Staple Pigeon x Nike SB Dunk Low The new "Panda" is not the case?

However, with the rapid development of the Internet, online media and social software, information transmission has become faster. Therefore, the new generation of Sneakerhead will undergo a series of “recommendation” and “Amway” aesthetic training every day, and it is inevitable to have a choice. The feeling of being "taken away."

And the brand is now so fast and the brand launches a variety of joint-name, limited-edition shoes, which will give people a feeling of "fast sales". The heat and the topic are one after another, but it is difficult to put their own With the culture of precipitation, such an environment may not be a good thing for SB Dunk, which has a certain cultural heritage.

Therefore, it is not difficult for Nike to bring SB Dunk to the market only through a series of common methods used in the current shoe marketing, such as replica, joint name, limited edition, topic, etc. You can easily foresee that they can be in the market. Stir-fry to the sky. But at the same time, the cultural connotation that SB Dunk itself has precipitated seems to be “wasted”, as if there was a good piece of chess in the original, but it didn’t work well...

However, after all, the times have changed, we can't insist on the true meaning of “return” defined by Nike in different audiences, cultures, and market environments many years ago, but perhaps some new ways can be used for the younger generation. Sneakheads create something that makes them meaningful after looking back over the years?

For example, in a sense, Air Force 1 and SB Dunk have similar value to a large number of people, and Nike has brought back some classic co-brands in the promotion and marketing of Air Force 1. In addition, it has developed some impressive collaborations with influential people and units of the new era, creating a series of large-scale themed projects similar to the AF-100, and creating a new DIY sneaker trend through these shoes. It is much more profound than a simple engraving. On the other hand, Air Jordan I, in addition to the soaring numbers in the market and the vicious incidents of frequent sales under the line, how many things can really be settled?

Today, the global sneaker secondary market has reached the order of tens of billions of dollars, and the future has an incalculable prospect. But as more capital is injected and become more commercial, people are Romwe Coupon Code gradually ignoring the part of the sneaker culture that originated from the street.

Speaking of SB Dunk, we certainly expect Nike to continue its glory to this day, but whether this classic shoe can “return” success, it is not enough to judge the sales, the topic, the speculative price alone. In different eras and environments, how can brands strive to create a sneaker culture for SB Dunk that fits the new generation of Sneakerhead, and how to protect it.