Sports New Retail Revolution

The remaining temperature of this year's "Double 11" has not cooled down completely, and consumers are still immersed in the fun of crazy buying. With the increasing demand for mass fitness, sports-related products Dacoz have become the focus of competition for online and offline distributors. Through the heat of shopping carnival, sporting goods ushered in a wave of consumer boom.

- data talking -

In 2009, Tmall was also called Taobao Mall, and on November 11 it was just a synonym for “Single Day”.

That year's double 11, sales of only 52 million, only 27 participating brands, but that year's humble promotion, but in a few years changed the Chinese people's consumption behavior, lifestyle and business marketing strategy And announced the birth of a new retail model. Every ring on the ecological chain of merchants, logistics, and consumers has changed due to the double 11.

9 years later, at 11:00 on November 11, 2018, the total turnover of Tmall double 11 exceeded 1 billion yuan; 2 minutes and 05 seconds, the total turnover of 2018 Tmall double 11 exceeded 10 billion yuan; In 03 seconds, the turnover reached 50 billion. It took 40 minutes and 12 seconds to achieve this result last year. In 1 hour and 59 seconds, the turnover exceeded 70 billion; 1 hour and 14 minutes, the turnover exceeded 90 billion, the turnover in 107 minutes exceeded 100 billion yuan, and the sales of 100 billion yuan last year took 540 minutes!

According to incomplete statistics, as of 0:30 on the 11th, the turnover of 30 brands of Tmall exceeded 100 million yuan.

With the help of the e-commerce platform, the online sales revenue of domestic sports brands has soared. Li Ning reported in the 2018 semi-annual report that the company's e-commerce channel revenue has maintained a high growth rate for many years. As of June 30, 2018, Xtep Online's revenue accounted for more than 20% of the Group's total revenue.

Anta, the first local sports brand in China, reported in the first half of 2018 that thanks to the rapid development of the company's online and offline business, the sales performance of other brands of the Group achieved brilliant results, and the company's revenue increased by 44.1%.

It can be said that the Internet e-commerce has only used the marginal figures to reach the center of the stage in less than 10 years, and now it is driving the integration of online and offline with the attitude of new retail leaders, promoting this virtual economy to new entities. Cognitive change in the economy and the new digital economy.

With the maturity of domestic economic development, China's sports industry has become another slogan after the mobile Internet, and the sports industry itself has a scale of nearly 2 trillion. The "Internet +" strategy has also made this round of sports industry grow. With obvious internet properties.

But now looking back, the entire industry was impetuous. Some sports companies have repeatedly raised funds, the right to broadcast broadcasts to the sky, and companies have invested in football or basketball clubs. This has brought a lot of pressure on the market.

Later facts also proved that the capital at that time was crazy and irrational.

Many people say that the sports industry has been cold in the past two years, but in fact, from the general trend of the whole industry, sports retail and sports services are growing substantially. For example, Anta, Li Ning, and many fitness apps have developed very well.

This shows that we are only biased in some investment directions.

When the mobile Internet dividend is coming to an end and the new outbreak trend is still unclear, the consumer-grade project with a relatively profitable model and cash flow has ushered in a major outbreak.

The era of new mass consumption has arrived. At the time of the macroeconomic downturn and the growth of GDP into the “6th era”, consumption has become an important driving factor for the economy. The spending power of the new sports crowd reflects the early stage of Internet venture capital investment, and the new retail of “consumption upgrade” has become the new favorite of capital.

Data from the Ethernet platform shows that the proportion of sports projects, the proportion of investors' attention, and the growth of roadshows are obvious (especially the proportion of roadshows, the growth rate of Q3 began to increase significantly last year). The capital attention of sports projects has risen sharply, and new entrepreneurial projects are also emerging, showing a pattern of both supply and demand.

Specific to the field of subdivision, it has the following characteristics:

In the first half of last year, the application of sports and fitness applications was popular. Later, in order to open the market, the selection started from the vertical crowd. The development of sports events, e-sports and other fields gave birth to the analysis and forecasting requirements of the event data. The field of sports events appeared based on data. The platform for extension; the IP threshold of the hot event is high, and the entrepreneurs are planning to lay out amateur and niche IP, and entrepreneurs in this field still have room to dig.

Although the individual feels different, on the whole, the Chinese sports consumption market undergoing profound changes carries people's yearning for a better life. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, in July this year, the China Consumer Confidence Index was 119.7, 12.6 points higher than the average since 2012, and again close to the high of 120.0.

In short, the arrival of sports in the new year, driven by policy, capital and consumer demand, the new sports industry will usher in a period of rapid development in the next decade, and will also contribute to the development of the Internet sports industry. Internet + sports still have a broad space.

- Online and offline from opposition to integration -

The data show that the five-year compound annual growth rate of output value and added value of China's sports industry in 2012-2016 is 18.94% and 19.87%, respectively, much higher than the GDP growth rate during the same period. In 2017, the total size of the sports industry exceeded RMB 2.1 trillion, with an added value of RMB 712.5 billion.

According to the analysis of the China Industrial Research Institute, under the guidance of the strong support of the national policy, it is expected that by 2020, the total output value of the sports industry in the Mainland will successfully achieve the goal of breaking through 3 trillion yuan. By 2022, the scale of the sports industry will further exceed 3.5 trillion yuan. The value added of the renminbi will also reach 1.14 trillion yuan.

In such an attractive market, major brands are naturally eagerly awaited.

Nike, Adidas and other first-line sports brands usually go to the mall to encounter 70% off, 75 percent is rare, but in front of the double 11, the big card also put down a cold gesture.

In the Tmall platform, Nike's audience was as low as 50%. Adidas started from 99 yuan. Hummer said that he "more than 50% off". The domestic brands are bigger and they have released big moves. For example: Anta hit the "upper half price", Li Ning launched "grab the second half price" and other activities.

Entering the major brand product pages, I found that these promotional slogans are really not virtual, saying that it is as low as 50%. Explosive models of running shoes and sportswear are basically set at 50%, and there are many "small actions" to attract consumers. Quick shots.

In the segmentation category of sports shoes and apparel, the online promotion of outdoor sportswear came earlier.

In addition to launching a strong preferential policy on the Tmall platform, in some shopping software that sells genuine and special items, outdoor brands such as Pathfinders and Wolf Claws began to reduce sales in late October.

Nowadays, the mountaineering ski season is welcome. Jackets, warm hiking shoes, fleece jackets and ski gloves are also selling well. With the help of new retail, some have become explosive.

New retail is a new business model, not just an e-commerce platform, and new retail is not equal to e-commerce. It is only on the data that the e-commerce retail business has a slight advantage, but it does not mean that the e-commerce ship can get to the other side smoothly.

If you look closely at this year's trend, it is not difficult to find out the offline promotion under the new retail thinking, and do not lose online e-commerce. Because the enthusiasm of the double 11 everyone shopping is not a day, but to continue for a while.

From this year's point of view, the sports brand's offline double 11 strength, compared to the online promotion time card to the 11th zero point, the offline promotion time front pulled longer.

Many first-line sports brands have started to promote in the mall before the double 11. A forum netizen "Danggui" posted a message to collect the promotion of local shopping malls. For a time, many netizens from all over the country came out to promote local shopping malls.

"Beijing Sanlitun Adidas, the original price of 800 yuan cross-band hot small white shoes now only sell 365 yuan."

"Nanjing Dayang Department Store, Adidas Clover's shell-head sneakers are only three or four hundred after discounts. Look at the online rules and deposits, and get ready to go off work."

“Hangzhou West Lake Yintai, Adi, Nike are 50% off, 365 members are discounted 10% off.”

"Guangzhou Shawan Liyuan Xintiandi, Nike, Adi, Converse and SKECHERS discount! Nike discounts, break the price, but also enjoy two pieces of 20% off. After Adi price, then enjoy 400 minus 100,700 minus 200, 1000 minus 300. Really cheap, I bought my Amy's shoes for my mom. I bought a pair of trousers (shamrock) and a sweater (shamrock) with all the cashmere, it took more than 700." ......

Deloitte's latest report on “Technology Innovation and Landing Thinking in the Retail Industry” believes that the emergence of new formats and new species stems from the continuous advancement of online and offline integration and the transformation and upgrading of traditional retail enterprises.

Under the new retail ecosystem, these new formats, which combine multi-channel, multi-service, demand- and experience-centric, technology-driven, will continue to have an impact on the retail industry and are expected to be an important attempt to lead the transformation of the retail industry.

It can be seen that compared with the online “paying for the finger, waiting for the goods at home”, shopping at the mall is a bit more troublesome, but because it can be tried on, tried, and the goods can be taken away directly, it also attracts many acute children and likes to go shopping. Friends join the offline double 11 shopping.

Yang Jirui, president of the China Consumer Economics Association, believes that the core of the new retail is to promote the integration process between online and offline, so that the online Internet power and offline store terminals form a true synergy, completing the two in business. The optimization and upgrading of the dimension has promoted the comprehensive transformation from the era of price consumption to the era of value consumption.

It should be said that the sports industry has found a business model that integrates online and offline from the virtual economy Romwe Coupon Code to the real economy. It not only changes the living habits of the public, but also enriches the consumption channels of the target customer groups, which can be more convenient and convenient. consumption.

At present, solving problems through the Internet has been iterated into a habit of young people's thinking. The cluster effect and market problems faced by the new sports retail reform are also testing the wisdom of the operators.