Off-White is Named the World's Hottest Brand by Lyst

Virgil Abloh's streetwear brand Off-White is the "explosion" of today's fashion industry, especially Abloh became Louis Vuitton's menswear director last year, adding another fire to the brand's popularity.

On October 24th, fashion search engine Lyst announced the third quarter of the world's top ten most popular fashion brands and products list.

In the new list, Off-White made its debut for the first time, and in the past year, the ranking climbed 33 places. And in the 20 products Dacoz on the hottest product list, Off-White also took up three seats.

This is not too surprising. In the last quarter of the Lyst Index, Off-White is already second.

The Lyst Index list has received much attention. The selection criteria are such that Lyst ranks on a monthly basis based on the search volume of 12,000 designers and stores by more than 5 million consumers.

The dimensions of Lyst Index analysis include consumer online shopping behavior, Google search, Lyst page browsing and search, wish list creation, and order data.

It is worth noting that this report is the first time that Lyst has added social media as a source of data. Lyst counts data on brand and product mentions and user engagement on social media over the past three months.

For Off-White, the newly added selection dimension actually helps it improve its ranking. Off-White has gained a lot of attention in the past year with IKEA, Nike, Moncler and other brands, while the owner, Virgil Abloh, has 2 million Instagram users.

In addition to the cooperative sports shoe series The Ten, Virgil Abloh also collaborated with Nike to design the Queen Collection series for Serena. The cooperation with Virgil Abloh may also help Nike climb 4 places and enter the fourth place.

But these joint collaborations may not be as eye-catching as the first show of Virgil Abloh's Louis Vuitton in June. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Rihanna, A$AP Rocky, Naomi Campbell, Takashi Murakami, etc., all have more than 200 million social media fans.

Other brands on the list benefit from joint cooperation. For example, Fendi climbed the rankings with the power of working with Fila, and Vetements entered the top ten this time due to its partnership with Reebok. Versace's strong performance in the last quarter due to cooperation with Kith did not enter the list this quarter.

Just last Thursday, American fashion brand Ralph Lauren also announced that it will cooperate with the British streetwear brand Palace. Palace is the British skateboard brand founded by the skater Lev Tanju in 2014. Although young, it is always compared with the street brand's big brother supreme. Every time a new product is released, it is hard to find. Ralph Lauren closed its flagship store on Fifth Avenue in the US last year. This time, choosing to work with streetwear is a way to gain more and more young consumers.

Off-White's ranking this time can be said that the volume of sound on social media once again has an impact on brand value.

This season's hottest sneakers are also Off-White x Nike's co-branded series The Ten: Air Presto.

The black version was released on July 27 and the white version was released on August 3. These shoes attracted the attention Newchic Coupon of social networks and were mentioned more than 252,000 times. However, due to the limited supply that is difficult to meet the huge increase in search demand, only a few customers managed to get a pair.

According to StockX, Air Presto's average resale price is currently 450% higher than the original sales price.

Since the beginning of the year, Nike has jumped 16 places. The brand is planning to cooperate with Alyx including Off-White and Kim Jones of Dior. There is no doubt that NIke is already a fashion brand.

In the quarter, Gucci, Balenciaga, Nike and Prada are the top five brands, and Prada and Yeezy each climbed five places. In addition, thanks to the World Cup, football shirts have become fashionable items, entering the list for the first time.