Gucci, LV's Explosion Models




In the past three years, the desire of luxury Gap EU Coupons brands to create explosions has become stronger than ever.


The definition of explosives refers to commodities that are in short supply and have a high sales volume in the sales of commodities. Often referred to as selling a lot of goods that are also highly popular, social media has played a role in fueling the explosion chain because it is increasingly affecting consumers' buying behavior.


Explosive money is more market-oriented than ever before. In the 2017 hottest fashion brand list released by the global fashion search platform lyst, trend brands from the streets occupied one-third of the list. Young consumers are leading and influencing trends.


In fact, you will find that behind the performance of luxury brands is the continuous explosion of manufacturing.


Maria Grazia Chiuri, who once served as the joint creative director of Valentino, used the explosive Rockstud shoes to make this Italian fashion house sweep the fashion circle and became the hero of Valentino's double turnover. In the context of a downturn in luxury goods, Valentino achieved sales of over one billion U.S. dollars in two years earlier, and accessories accounted for half of total sales. Analytical comments pointed out that Dior's former CEO Sidney Toledano may have just watched Maria Grazia Chiuri's explosion-making ability to excavate. She joined Dior.


When it comes to attention, Maria Grazia Zaful Coupon Code Chiuri also live up to expectations. Dior is trying to conquer the millennial generation with explosives. According to LVMH in its financial report, its Dior fashion department, which was acquired for $6.5 billion last year, contributed significantly to sales growth. According to statistics, in the first three quarters of last year, Dior recorded an organic growth of 12%. LVMH expects Dior fashion sales to reach 3 billion euros by 2020.


In fact, the joint series of LV and Supreme is another form of explosive manufacturing. The Group’s core brand LV received a positive market response last year when it launched the LV x Supreme joint series. LVMH has stated that the LV x KOONS and LV x Supreme joint series have received positive market response, which has greatly increased the brand's exposure and influence in social media and contributed greatly to the growth of brand performance.


Some analysts said that LV opened the door to the world of young people and won countless attention and exposure, not only selling explosive products, but also activated the young people's market.


The value of explosives is not only to sell you the explosives, but also because it sells the other products of the brand to you. Similarly, Gucci and Balenciaga are big winners.

In the first quarter of last year, Gucci's growth rate surpassed that of another luxury brand Saint Laurent of Kaiyun for the first time, which was a 48.3% year-on-year increase. It was the strongest growth in 20 years. It was bolded by creative director Alessandro Michele and brand CEO Marco Bizzarri. Innovating and continuing to build explosive products, it took more than two years to overturn Hermès and lead the luxury goods industry for eight consecutive quarters. It entered the club with a revenue of 6 billion euros (Gucci promoted Kaiyun’s sales of luxury goods last year. Billion euros is already the most troublesome opponent of LV.)


According to François-Henri Pinault, CEO of Kaiyun Group, Balenciaga’s annual sales increased by 40% last year, operating profit growth also reached double digits, and the best-selling products were mainly accessory products such as handbags and shoes. The brand’s overall development was positive. Situation, according to him, according to this growth rate, Balenciaga will enter the 1 billion euro club as soon as this year.


"For a slow-moving luxury brand, it must make its mark when it's appropriate, and explosion is the most important means to reshape itself." Lou Yan, Accenture Strategy Greater China, accepted earlier In an interview with the "First Financial Weekly," it was stated that under normal circumstances, luxury brands have to re-establish their brand value every 10 years and then continue to circulate.


In the age when there is no social media or is not yet developed, the popular cycle is longer. Using exquisite production techniques and continuous interpretation of the classics, luxury goods can be associated with status status for a long period of time. The ultimate idea also attracts the direct advertising effect of royal celebrities.


However, when the main force of consumption began to shift to a larger number of young middle-class people, freshness became a key factor in attracting interest, and luxury goods began to show more differences than functionality.


For example, the Italian footwear brand TOD'S cooperated with Ferrari in 1986 to design the first generation of flat shoes designed for Ferrari owners, nailing 133 rubber pellets on the soles and heels of the shoes, mainly to make it difficult for drivers to wear pedals. It will be slippery, but unexpectedly popular after the launch, these "peapods" make people wear TOD'S shoes feel very comfortable.


However, due to delays in the emergence of new products or explosions in recent years, TOD'S performance has been in trouble. Its sales have been declining for 8 consecutive quarters. In the 2017 fiscal year ending December 31, brand sales decreased by 7.7% year-on-year to EUR 512 million. Affected by this, Tod’s sales last year decreased by 3.1% year-on-year to 963 million euros.


When competition is limited to making explosive products, brands want to retain consumers more difficult. And perhaps more and more unrelated to the classic word.

Dana Thomas wrote in his published book "Gods and Kings": "These changes have affected the role of creative directors. Now their task is to turn ideas into high-margin items, while allowing the brand's influence like Nike and Apple. It is as recognizable as Coca Cola."


In the Chinese market, the pursuit of commercial interests by luxury brands is also reflected in the increasing frequency of hiring KOLs that carry goods. These KOLs can use their influence to create “explosive funds” and reduce the risk of product innovation. Luxury brands such as Burberry, Dior and Jaeger-LeCoultre watched each other by promoting influential celebrities such as Wu Yifan, Luyi, Angelababy, and papi sauce. Michael Kors snatched the queen Yang Mi.


Some analysts said that consumers are rushing to a single trend, luxury brands have begun to reduce traffic, and designers clearly understand how to make products from the perspective of consumers, but with big data in the fashion brand The roles played by e-commerce are becoming more and more important. Some consumers think that today's explosion forecast has fallen into a conservative cycle, and products that seem to be continuously updated actually repeat the past.


Gucci also began to feel vigilant, after all, the question of how long the fire can be accompanied by this fast-turning luxury brand.


Gucci earlier stressed the concept of "competition." Not only is there a mix of inspirational references in fashion design to achieve cultural play and competition, from a more practical brand management, Alessandro Michele is also contending with the instability of the luxury industry, which is that the explosive period is greatly shortened .

In order to strengthen and deepen the relationship between brands and consumers, Gucci has rarely implemented a new organizational structure since March 1.


Gucci stated in the statement that the launch of the new architecture aims to apply emerging technologies better to various channels on the basis of personalization. Marco Bizzarri emphasized that in the past three years, the brand has been working hard to break the traditional rules of the fashion industry, and on the basis of defining clear values, it will continue to strengthen the culture of people-oriented, creative and innovative brands. The new structure will help brands better predict market product development. trend. Some analysis means that this may mean that Gucci is faced with the challenge of creative depletion after successively creating explosive products.


The rise of young consumers has left luxury brands at the crossroads. Today, the idea of luxury goods seems to be squaring up with explosions, but the market and popularity will be even more unpredictable. With the acceleration of the fashion cycle, if the luxury brand’s product exclusivity is drastically reduced, the symbolic value of the product will disappear and fall. Routinely.


Some analysts pointed out that luxury Styles For Less Coupons brands will use their explosive thinking to create greater profits, but they will also inhibit the creativity of a brand in the process. Brands without creativity can't stand in front of consumers who are constantly pursuing new things. 


In addition, the popularity is a fallacy. When explosion models appear, it also means that they are very mediocre and very popular. They are already out of date, especially in the Chinese market.